Petr Yan Is Number One

Petr Yan is number one and Peter Yan is a champion, what else can I say?

And the champion Aljamain Sterling?

He also proved that he is a top fighter. And in the last fight [with Petr Yan] he went to bed after the knee … In October he will fight, and he will need to rehabilitate himself (an interview with Nurmagomedov took place before it became known that Sterling withdrew from the fight against Yan at the UFC sport 267, Sandhagen became Peter’s rival. – Approx. “SE”).

What do you think – who will win?

I think, Peter. Percent 70 to 30 – Peter, not 75 to 35, namely 70 to 30 (smiles).

Did you remember your reservation?

No, these were the words of Islam Makhachev (smiles).

Exactly. Peter Yan expressed his respect to Dillashaw, but wrote that this is his division. You reacted to this by writing “Division” and putting an emoticon …

Well, of course, in this division there are not only Peter Yan and Dillashaw. There are also other fighters. Until he defeats me, he cannot call this division his own. I don’t want anyone to call themselves a king or something else.

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Did it hurt you?

Such that hurt – no. But I don’t think our division belongs to Peter, Sterling or anyone else.

You and your brother Usman often hit high-kicks. When Dillashaw fought Dominic Cruz, he threw out 33 high-kicks, and he invested in each. After the fight, Cruz said it was very difficult, hinting that T.J. was most likely doping. In your opinion, throwing 33 high-kicks in a five-round fight, investing in each one, possibly without doping?

Yes, I think it’s real. It all depends on how you train. If you hit 150-200 hi-kicks in practice, what is it like hitting 30? So it all depends on how he hones his skills.

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Fights With O Malley

On the aesthetic side, is it enjoyable to watch fights with O Malley?

Yes. I think anyone is pleased. He fights in a standing position, there is some kind of show … It would be nice to fight him. But I need time. I will also have time to fight with them all. I am young, hungry, I have everything ahead of me.

Peter Jan and top 5

It would be interesting to hear your small review of each sport fighter from the top 5 rating and for the champion. Jose Aldo is now in fifth place.

“I think he’s in excellent condition. He had a good last fight. So I think Aldo is a tough contender for any bantamweight. He has a huge amount of experience. He is probably the most ancient – he started performing earlier than anyone else. I think Jose will still show …

Well, yes, it would seem that his career went downhill, and then bam …

Yes, I did very well.

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Yes, and with Peter Yan he fought pretty well …

Yes Yes.

Number four is Rob Font.

Rob Font … I would describe it like this: a truck that hits hard but gets tired in the later rounds. All pebbles are in the lightest weight. And I associate it with a truck.

Number three is Corey Sandhagen.

Corey is a combination of technique and skill. He’s very technical. True, his struggle is very weak. I think Aljo strangled him. But in the stand, he is very good. Corey vs. Sean O’Malley would be an interesting fight.

Number two is T.J. Dillashaw.

TJ is a former champion … Again, he has been in the division for a long time. It will be hard for everyone with him.

But you said that in the fight with Sandhagen you expected more from him (Dillashaw won by split decision).


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Dimensions for the Lightest Weight

How do you rate your dimensions for the lightest weight? Generally perfect! Sometimes it happens that I weigh 70 kilograms and drive 10 kilograms – generally clearly.

Khabib had the same trauma as you, then he also had a relapse. Did you have a conversation with him about this? Maybe he motivated you somehow?

– To motivate – this was not. But he somehow holds me back. He says: “Don’t be in a hurry, otherwise you can break the“ crosses ”again. Let them grow stronger. ” He says that it takes time to recover. I decided to listen and do as he advises, so I will not force [return to the cage].


Do you share the opinion that the lightest weight in the UFC is the most competitive?

Oh sure. Now there are many high-class fighters – very big names: Jose Aldo, T.J. Dillashaw. There is also a competitive Georgian fighter … Merab [Dvalishvili].

He fights very well, he has already set a record [for takedowns in the bantamweight division]. There are a lot of good and tough guys, so I think the bantamweight is the most … one of the most competitive in the league.

It is believed that the UFC is dragging Sean O’Malley, but he is not in the top 15.

I would not say that Sean is not a top fighter. I would put him in the top 10.

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Even in the top 10?

Of course. He has four knockouts out of five fights.

Do you like his striking sports technique?

He’s not bad. We can say – it’s not bad.

It seems to me that so far he has had only one really serious test – Marlon Vera. And that fight was not very over for him … (O’Malley lost due to injury).

Well, here’s his last rival – a very tough guy who is lane, lane, lane (Chris Moutinho, O’Malley won by TKO. – Approx. “SE”). And Sean used his long levers, worked at a distance. But, of course, he still has something to prove – like any other fighter.

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Khabib Very Strong Brother

Khabib very strong brother is Umar Nurmagomedov. “Without defeating me, Peter Jan cannot call our division his own.”  UFC Fighter – About the best bantamweight fighters, Khabib’s personality, Tarki races, an unnecessary iPad, bad news and horses.

Khabib Nurmagomedov’s second cousin, Umar, made his UFC sports debut in January this year with a landslide victory over Sergei Morozov. Then he tore the cruciate ligaments of the knee, he is still recovering from the injury, but it is possible that he will return to the cage in December. Umar and I met in Makhachkala at the school of Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov and talked for half an hour.

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How is the recovery from the injury going?

Rehabilitation is almost over, but there is no previous stability yet. I don’t feel the same yet. Probably need a little more time. It is usually said that it must take at least a year to return to fighting. But I’ll probably be back a little earlier. It will be possible to make decisions regarding fights only when I can fully start training: sparring, wrestling, grappling, running, sprint, running to the mountains. So far, this is the situation.

Is it difficult to keep the weight, considering that now there is no usual load?

While I was in America, I weighed 74 kilograms, and I came to Dagestan – and the weight dropped sharply, as it was hot. Since then, it has stayed in one place. Now I eat sweets – I do not deny myself anything in terms of food. In short, the weight does not rise – it holds.

And 74 kilograms is your maximum weight?

The maximum was while I was in the hospital – 75-76 kilograms. This is the maximum weight for 2-3 days. And so that I could hold myself upright and I was somehow big, I don’t remember that, 74 kilograms is the ceiling.

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Joe Rogan and Mike Tyson

Joe Rogan and Mike Tyson interview “And you knew Jimmy Jacobs, who had this crazy library of battles.”

Mike Tyson: “I watched these fights all day. We watched and studied. Day and night. “

Joe Rogan: “How many fights were in the Jacobs collection?”

Mike Tyson: “I don’t know. Thousands. I’ve watched thousands … Even the guys who fought in the 1890s. I watched everything. “

Joe Rogan: Wow. Who was the most special for you, stood out from others? Probably Jack Johnson. “

Mike Tyson: “He was great. Ahead of his time. But there were also guys like Tony Canzoneri and Henry Armstrong, Barney Ross, Benny Leonard. These guys brought boxing sports to the level thanks to which it has developed to its present state. They were the superstars of their day. “

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Joe Rogan: “What was the name of this crazy middleweight who climbed up to Jack Johnson and dropped him?”

Mike Tyson: “Stanley Ketchel. Cool man”.

Joe Rogan: “Oh yes. He could hit like that. “

Mike Tyson: “Very cool. But he was killed when he was in his prime (at 24 – Approx. “SE”). He took the girl away from some guy. Ketchel was a tough guy with a stance like “What are you going to do to me?” He beat that guy up, humiliated him. He returned and shot him. Ketchel was a wild, crazy guy. And fearless. “

(The official version is different – Ketchel at the ranch scolded the worker for beating the horse. The worker decided to take revenge the next day and shot the boxer with a gun at breakfast. The bullet pierced his shoulder and entered his lung. The rancher and friend of Ketchel even ordered a special wagon, to take the boxer to the Springfield clinic, but they could not save him. His last words were: “I am very tired. Take me to my mother.” – Approx. “SE”).

Joe Rogan: “When it comes to madmen, Roberto Duran comes to mind.”

Mike Tyson: “Crazy. But a handsome man. All these his actions were natural, Durand was in rhythm with them. “

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Young Mike Tyson

Young Mike Tyson had a giant video library of battles. He absorbed thousands of them, even stuck to the boxing of the 1890s. I watched them like TV shows.

Mike Tyson’s short stay at the home of his teacher and trainer Cus D’Amato was perhaps the cleanest, most comfortable and serene time in the first half of the legendary sports boxer’s life.

Tyson’s teenage day consisted only of training, insightful instructions from a mentor, rest and hours of watching fights. The last activity was almost a favorite for young Mike. D’Amato’s house housed a huge collection of videotapes of old battles, which the coach was donated by his longtime friend, legendary boxing enthusiast, collector and manager Jimmy Jacobs.

Jacobs has been collecting videotapes of boxing matches since the age of 17, after reading in the newspapers about the controversial decision of the judges in the fight for the world title between Joe Louis and Jersey Joe Walcott. Subsequently, Jimmy and his collector partner Bill Caton will rescue and restore the film with the battles of Bob Fitzimmons (who performed from 1885 to 1917), Jack Johnson, Jack Dempsey and James Corbett. In 1974, Jacobs even acquired a personal video collection of the iconic Madison Square Garden arena.

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Tyson used his proximity to such a treasury of knowledge to the maximum – every day he printed dozens of cassettes and watched the battles for hours on end. That delightful time he fondly recalled on the Joe Rogan podcast. The good old days.

Mike Tyson: “At the time, boxing was my whole life. All I did was watch boxing, read about boxing and boxers. Boxers were my gods. “Boxer? You know this person? He’s a boxer. ” I wanted to be with them, I wanted to become their groupie. “

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Crazy UFC Comeback

Crazy UFC comeback of Dvalishvili fell twice but survived and then scored a Brazilian knockout. “I am a warrior!” – said the Georgian after an incredible fight with Moraes at UFC 266.

Merab Dvalishvili was engaged in judo and combat sambo in Georgia, and came to America about seven to eight years ago. It was there that he launched a career in MMA sport. Merab started in the UFC with two defeats (though, in fact, there was no second, but the judges decided that the Georgian resigned), but then he issued a series of six victories in a row, came to 11th place in the bantamweight ranking and got the rivals of the top – the tough Brazilian drummer Marlon Moraes (6th number in the rating).

Dvalishvili trains in Long Island at the Ray Long and Matt Serra gym. His best American friend is Aljamain Sterling. Of course, Merab has a bad relationship with Petr Yan.

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Record Holder

Dvalishvili is the divisional record holder for the number of takedowns, but with each fight he feels more confident in the shot. Merab decided to hack to death with Moraes, for which he paid. In the middle of the first round, the Georgian rushed to the attack, ran into a left counter and fell. That fall is hurting him bad.

The Brazilian rushed to finish him off. Dvalishvili got up, ran to the net, and then collapsed down again after the punch. During this period, he missed about 15 hits, the stoppage of the battle was close, and yet Merab found the strength to stand up. Moraes first tried to take him to the rear naked choke, but quickly realized that this was a bad idea and continued the UFC fight in the standing position.

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The First 25 Rounds

The first 25 rounds and think how strong that sounds! Burke dominated Bowen. A few seconds before the end of the 25th, Jack sent Andy to the floor, but the gong saved him. Burke tried to end the fight in 26th, but Bowen once again lived up to his nickname Iron, holding on for those 3 minutes. Jack in this segment not only gave a lot of strength, but also finally broke his hands. From that moment on the initiative was taken by Bowen, who, however, was able to take serious revenge on his opponent only in the 48th round, dropping in a knockdown a couple of seconds before the bell.

Round after round, the battle turned not into an epic battle of two strong-willed fighters, but into a dull survival of the battered and exhausted poor fellows. By the 50th round, more than half of the audience had gone, and the rest was divided: one slept in the stands, the other chanted “Home, sweet home”, hinting that it was time to end the fight.

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It is unlikely that barely living boxers heard them, and if they did, they did not listen – that night, no one wanted to give up the coveted title and a solid cash prize. For several hours of the duel, Bowen and Burke had a common tactic: they alternately gave one or more rounds, and after resting, they switched on, trying to finish the enemy.

After another 5 (!) Hours, the fighters remained on their feet, and most likely thanks to each other; due to the endless clinch, in which weak blows sometimes slipped. The first person who actually wanted to give up was head referee John Duffy.

As Duffy later recalled, he held on all this time, because he was afraid that if none of the sports boxers fell, he would have to declare the fight invalid, and then the audience would have to return the money, and then organize a rematch to please them. However, at the end of the 108th round, he nevertheless approached the boxers; and said that they had only two rounds left to end the fight, otherwise – the end.

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Cruel 19th Century Boxing

The cruel 19th century boxing where boxers fought 110 rounds – started in the evening, finished in the morning. One broke all his fingers, and the other, a month later, spent another 85 rounds with another opponent.

It happened on April 6, 1893 in New Orleans (Louisiana, USA). Andy Bowen and Jack Burke entered the ring of the Olympic Club – two contenders for the title of champion of the southern states in lightweight, which was left by the never defeated previous champion Jack McAuliffe (held the title since 1886). In addition to the belt, a respectable $ 2,500 was at stake at that time, and about 9 thousand people came to see the change of the MacAuliffe era.

Bowen (14-3-3 at that time) is a favorite of the Orleans public, famous for uncompromising sports fighting, resilience and fantastic endurance, due to which he prevailed over rivals in the later rounds (Bowen also ran marathons). And Burke (6-1-2) is a puncher from Texas; who combined his boxing career with the work of a trainer, by the way, thanks to which; according to rumors, he got a chance to fight for the title. Jack came on as a replacement; instead of just one of his students, whose name is not indicated in any of the sources.

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The Favorite

Bowen was the undisputed favorite that night. Burke went out on short notice, was less experienced and most importantly, was inferior in stamina (on paper). In the period from 1866 to 1920, the rules of the Marquis of Queensberry were in force in boxing. They replaced the vaults of the “London prize ring”, where boxers fought in a wooden ring, could throw and kick.

Queensberry’s new postulate is quite similar to the current rules of boxing, but one important detail was missing – the limited number of rounds. Therefore, functional monsters like Bowen could drag rivals into the 20th; or even 30th rounds and finish there (the round then, as now, lasted 3 minutes). However, this tactic did not work with Burke.

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Pacquiao US Debut at 22

Pacquiao US debut at 22 in 2001. It was Lelo Ledvaba, the champion who defended his belt for the sixth time. Pacquiao agreed to the fight after learning about him two weeks before. Three knockdowns of the Leadwabs, knockout in the sixth round. A funny hairstyle, hair in places in a yellow-red color, a lot of aggression and pressure, all in combination with his left-handed stance and speed – very unpleasant.

It became even more unpleasant later when Freddie Roach realized that the Filipino could grow into a real monster, and he went to Marco Antonio Barrera to defeat and stop him, then to Juan Manuel Marquez and Morales.

Manny already had a promotional contract with Arum, but Oscar De La Hoya decided to intercept him. Oscar arrived at the airport, showed the Filipino a suitcase full of cash, and he did not think very long. Then there was the trial, which returned to Manny Arum, but the sediment, as they say, remained with everyone.

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Pacquiao, 20, loses title

This was not his first defeat. But Manny lost his sports championship belt, his first. Medgoen Singsurat made weight, but Manny didn’t. Singsurat hit the body, but Pacquiao didn’t. The dance was collected and closed, occupied the center of the ring and pressed. In the third round, after another blow to the torso, Manny folded up and stayed there.

Big Daddy Honey was with a Filipino of the same age, but much more experienced and, in fact, already an established fighter. Manny is not. In total, he spent 80 fights in boxing, rarely traveled outside of Thailand and retired in 2011.

I wonder if a voice from above urged Manny to leave boxing after his defeat or did it start later, in the USA? Rustico Torrecampo, who had defeated Manny a couple of years earlier, could hardly be considered a professional fighter. He worked wherever he could, at boxing shows most often he helped to collect and clean the ring.

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