Glover Teixeira Beat Everyone

Glover Teixeira beat everyone Saint-Prue, Cummins, Evans and got Anthony Johnson, who in those years knocked down light heavyweights like bowling pins. Teixeira lost to Rambla by a terrible knockout already in the 13th second, and at this it seemed that the Brazilian as a top contender was forever over. Rumble, Gustafsson, Jones, Cormier – how to break through such monsters to the title when you are already 37 years old? And further events only confirmed this skepticism – Glover defeated Cannonier’s decision, went to Gustafsson, accepted the beating and lost again by knockout. 38 years old, all three main fighters of the division destroyed you, where next?

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And then a new generation still appears – already in the person of Corey Anderson, who also demolishes Glover with his wrestling and athleticism without any problems. Three defeats in five fights, 39 years in the passport, all the main tops beat you – this is definitely the end. But just then, someone turned on a blinding green light for Glover. Firstly, Anthony Johnson ended his career, then Gustafsson degraded sharply and inexplicably, then Daniel Cormier went to heavyweight, and even Jones and Anderson are no longer around.

Glover no longer had to struggle to fight his way through those; who once threw him off the mountain – he just outlived them. And then, despite the onset of old age, he beat a new generation. Gustafsson, Rumble and Jones were so strong that Glover could not cope with them in his physical prime; but, having grown weak, finished almost their entire shift. This is a unique success story that we have never seen before in UFC sport history. In approximately the same way, the once great Viktor Korchnoi could not pass through the best in his generation; Spassky, Petrosyan, Smyslov and Fischer; but then outlived them and went out to the match for the title of world champion.

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Cormier Rose in Heavyweight

At the age of 39, Cormier rose in heavyweight class to Miocic, knocked him out and became the champion. But again, this is not a normal, athletic approach, despite DC’s success at light heavyweight. In the very first fight in the new category, he got a title chance, no one forced him to first clear the Candidates Circle. Yes, in 2013 Cormier won two straight UFC heavyweight fights, and you could say: here’s his streak! But that was five years ago. And those fighters whom he then defeated are no longer on a contract with the UFC (Peace and Nelson).

And Cormier also became the champion of the UFC sport at 39 years old – he won the belt for the first time at 36 years old, defeating Anthony Johnson in light heavyweight. Therefore, the case of Glover, who, at 41, goes on five victories in a row as a simple worker-challenger with wins over such strong fighters as Krylov, Smith and Santos, is an exceptional plot.

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The Best

Glover could not beat the best of his time – Gustafsson, Rumble and Jones – but he survived them

The whole story of Glover is amazing – he first fought for the belt seven years ago, as an older fighter. In April 2014, at the age of 34, the Brazilian was defeated without a chance by a peak, invincible version of John Jones – 0-5 in rounds with huge damage (Glover received dozens of heavy elbows in his face, washed himself with blood, Bones twisted all his hands in a clinch, breaking ligaments shoulder). After Jones, Glover lost again – this time to Phil Davis. 35 years, two defeats in a row, you need to build a new winning streak to fight for the title. And the Brazilian was able to build it!

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Champion of the UFC

Couture first became the champion of the UFC at 34 – in December 1997. He became absolutely by right, being on a three-match winning streak. Randy then left the promotion due to contractual differences, folded the title, returned to the UFC in 2000, took the belt again, having defended it twice. It’s okay for now. But further in the Couture record, “zebra” begins – victories and defeats alternate, but title chances are regularly provided. He loses the belt to Barnett, then gets the right to fight for the title again in the next fight – with Ricco Rodriguez.

He loses again and gets a new title chance in the next fight – already in the light heavyweight division! after that He wins a temporary belt from Liddell, then the main one – from Ortiz, then loses to Belfort, then again fights for the title – takes revenge from Belfort, then again loses it to Liddell. Then he finally wins a non-title fight – against Mike van Arsdale, then again loses to Liddell for the light heavyweight title, but, in spite of everything, in the next fight he again fights for the belt!

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Imagine this situation in the modern sport UFC – after every defeat, you are given a title fight over and over again. Randy returned to the heavyweight division five years later, and lost the last two fights in this category – to Barnett and Rodriguez – but got the title again. And he also lost the last light heavyweight fight.

That is, with a record of 4-3 in light heavyweight and a 0-2 streak in the last two heavyweight fights; Randy again got a belt fight against Tim Sylvia and became the champion. In such a “zebra” you can fight up to 60 years old and have a chance for a title. If Couture, after two heavy defeats, faced the need to build a new winning streak of 2-3 fights in a row at the age of 39; we might never see him in a title fight again.

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Glover Teixeira in UFC

Glover Teixeira in UFC has a chance to revolutionize the age of the UFC. Nobody ever took a belt for the first time in 40 years. Historical challenge.

On October 30, Abu Dhabi will host UFC 267, a tournament for which the promotion has packed arguably the strongest major card of the year. And the main battles of UFC 267 can be watched on REN TV.

Usually, even the most stellar main cards of the UFC are stuffed with one female fight (which many fans often use as an opportunity to retreat to the kitchen) or a duel devoid of sporting meaning. However, this is clearly not the case this coming Saturday.

The upper half of the fights is embroidered with lethal confrontations – Magomed Ankalaev, who has six victories in a row, will pass the last test in the person of the strong Volkan Ozdemir, before irrevocably joining the title race. Then Khamzat Chimaev, who returned after all his ordeals, will fight with one of the most dangerous strikers of the division, Li Jingliang. Next, Alexander Volkov will fight with Marcin Tybura (who built a 5-match winning streak) for the 4th-5th line of the rating and approaching the Candidates fight. After them Islam Makhachev will fight with his first truly eminent rival in the division – Dan Hooker. And, finally, two title fights will close the evening: Peter Jan – Corey Sandhagen and Jan Blakhovich – Glover Teixeira.

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Couture and Cormier were sport champions when they were 40 and older, but they won the title when they were much younger. Glover makes history

The main fight of the tournament carries, in addition to the title, a historical intrigue; whether Glover will be able to become the first fighter to win the belt; for the first time at the age of 40 and older. Yes, we have seen before how fighters, being at this age, won; and defended the belt, but this did not happen with a winning streak; or on a competitive contender approach to the title, but in individual fights. Randy Couture was champion at 44, Daniel Cormier at 40; but their situations are very different from where Teixeira is now.

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Brother of Khabib

Brother of Khabib interview show that Ali Abdel-Aziz said about your brother that he is an improved version of Khabib. Usman can be called that?

I think it will be possible to call it that a little later. Now these are big words. Well, you know, there is material, for example, plasticine – you can mold it from it, and from Usman you can mold a big champion. As they say – Khabib 2.0.

What are Uthman’s greatest strengths?

He is very good in stance – he feels good. If something does not go according to plan, he can rethink it, understand where he is wrong, and then replay it.


Haven’t opened your business yet?

It’s too early for that. For now, you need to focus on your sports career, but these business projects and investments are all later. If you invest now and then worry about your investments, you lose focus, so not now.

The most unnecessary thing you’ve ever bought?

IPad, I guess.

Have you bought and not used?

So … Not as we would like. I thought that I would take him on trips, download some materials and watch them, but he still lies at home. There were more expectations.

How old did you start driving?

20 days after I turned 18, I already had my rights.

What was the very first car?


How long did it last?

A year, I guess.

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Do you like cars in general?

I’m not like that. Here Uthman loves.

Tuning and this whole topic, right?

Yes. And for me the main thing is to take you from point A to point B.

What kind of publics, besides MMA sport -shnyh, do you watch?

Basically, these are public places with a religious inclination, where a particular issue is clarified. And that’s all, there are no others.

Maybe Dagestan news or something like that?

I try not to be signed because some bad news comes out and it gets worse for you. You start to think why they did this and so on, you load up. Therefore, I try not to follow the news.

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MMA Match With Umar

Who on your team can do MMA match with Umar?

Tagir [Ulanekov] and Gadzhi [Rabadanov] run well, Islam [Makhachev] runs well, but Saigid [Izagakhmaev] runs like a KAMAZ with a trailer.

Describe how long the journey is so that it becomes clear to those who have not been there.

It’s just running up the mountains, and up is always hard to run. There you need to force yourself to run. It is easier to run on a flat road, but upward is difficult, especially when you are also tired.

Probably, it is about 2 kilometers 700 meters. But it can be hard to run so much and out of the blue in 7:40, so it’s hard to believe in Abasgadzhi’s result. I would like him to prove it in practice.


Khabib usually answers questions without water – specifically, so it is interesting to listen to him. Does he give you any tips on how to do interviews?

I have never held a master class – never had it. We can watch the interview and take some example ourselves. And so there were no lessons.

He’s a good storyteller anyway …

Interesting, yes.

And the book, by the way, is interesting – there are many different facts. Do you have any favorite story from Khabib?

I never even thought about it. In general, there are many interesting stories, but more – of his actions, from which you can take an example and not be mistaken.

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For example?

For example, if he says something, then he will definitely do it. I believe that this is a very important quality, especially for men – to speak and then do.

In Khabib’s book there are many sport stories from childhood, such as, for example, they ran away from the police, there was someone else on the roof, and so on. Was your childhood just as interesting?

No, I had a calm childhood. I grew up in the village, and moved to Makhachkala at a conscious age. Khabib was already in the UFC then, and I already understood that there was some kind of responsibility, because if I did something, they would say: “It was Khabib’s brother who did it.” Therefore, I have no such stories.

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English in the UFC

How important is knowledge of English in the UFC?

– I think it depends on how much you want to promote yourself. This is as important as your fighting skills and training – it is extremely important. After the fights, they take an interview, or a situation when someone says the wrong thing to you – and you need to answer him.

How are you with English now?

We can say that on the C grade. I would have gotten a C at school. There are so many sentences and words that I do not build correctly – I speak broken English. I still have a lot to learn in English specifically in the sports field. In general, I know a C grade. However, I understand to understand, because if you do not understand just one word, then in the context it is possible to understand what your interlocutor is talking about. And when you need to explain to me – there are difficulties.

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Does Khabib pay attention to this?

Yes, he constantly tells us to learn [English]. We try, but we often get tired after training. Now my English is much better than 2-3 years ago.


I heard that you run to Tarki in 9 minutes. This is true? (Climbing Mount Tarki-Tau is a popular exercise among Dagestani athletes living in Makhachkala.)

– No, I never ran for 9 – a little more. But there are those who are faster – for 7:40, Abasgadzhi.

What is this fighter?

This is a freestyle sport wrestler (Abasgadzhi Magomedov – European champion in freestyle wrestling in 2021. – Approx. “SE”). Here is the fastest – this is it. I don’t know how true this is. He claims that he can run like that – you need to check.

I talked with local fighters, and they say: “Here Umar comes running in 9 minutes, and I – in 15”.

No, I don’t have 15, but a little more than 9.

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Petr Yan Is Number One

Petr Yan is number one and Peter Yan is a champion, what else can I say?

And the champion Aljamain Sterling?

He also proved that he is a top fighter. And in the last fight [with Petr Yan] he went to bed after the knee … In October he will fight, and he will need to rehabilitate himself (an interview with Nurmagomedov took place before it became known that Sterling withdrew from the fight against Yan at the UFC sport 267, Sandhagen became Peter’s rival. – Approx. “SE”).

What do you think – who will win?

I think, Peter. Percent 70 to 30 – Peter, not 75 to 35, namely 70 to 30 (smiles).

Did you remember your reservation?

No, these were the words of Islam Makhachev (smiles).

Exactly. Peter Yan expressed his respect to Dillashaw, but wrote that this is his division. You reacted to this by writing “Division” and putting an emoticon …

Well, of course, in this division there are not only Peter Yan and Dillashaw. There are also other fighters. Until he defeats me, he cannot call this division his own. I don’t want anyone to call themselves a king or something else.

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Did it hurt you?

Such that hurt – no. But I don’t think our division belongs to Peter, Sterling or anyone else.

You and your brother Usman often hit high-kicks. When Dillashaw fought Dominic Cruz, he threw out 33 high-kicks, and he invested in each. After the fight, Cruz said it was very difficult, hinting that T.J. was most likely doping. In your opinion, throwing 33 high-kicks in a five-round fight, investing in each one, possibly without doping?

Yes, I think it’s real. It all depends on how you train. If you hit 150-200 hi-kicks in practice, what is it like hitting 30? So it all depends on how he hones his skills.

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Fights With O Malley

On the aesthetic side, is it enjoyable to watch fights with O Malley?

Yes. I think anyone is pleased. He fights in a standing position, there is some kind of show … It would be nice to fight him. But I need time. I will also have time to fight with them all. I am young, hungry, I have everything ahead of me.

Peter Jan and top 5

It would be interesting to hear your small review of each sport fighter from the top 5 rating and for the champion. Jose Aldo is now in fifth place.

“I think he’s in excellent condition. He had a good last fight. So I think Aldo is a tough contender for any bantamweight. He has a huge amount of experience. He is probably the most ancient – he started performing earlier than anyone else. I think Jose will still show …

Well, yes, it would seem that his career went downhill, and then bam …

Yes, I did very well.

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Yes, and with Peter Yan he fought pretty well …

Yes Yes.

Number four is Rob Font.

Rob Font … I would describe it like this: a truck that hits hard but gets tired in the later rounds. All pebbles are in the lightest weight. And I associate it with a truck.

Number three is Corey Sandhagen.

Corey is a combination of technique and skill. He’s very technical. True, his struggle is very weak. I think Aljo strangled him. But in the stand, he is very good. Corey vs. Sean O’Malley would be an interesting fight.

Number two is T.J. Dillashaw.

TJ is a former champion … Again, he has been in the division for a long time. It will be hard for everyone with him.

But you said that in the fight with Sandhagen you expected more from him (Dillashaw won by split decision).


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Dimensions for the Lightest Weight

How do you rate your dimensions for the lightest weight? Generally perfect! Sometimes it happens that I weigh 70 kilograms and drive 10 kilograms – generally clearly.

Khabib had the same trauma as you, then he also had a relapse. Did you have a conversation with him about this? Maybe he motivated you somehow?

– To motivate – this was not. But he somehow holds me back. He says: “Don’t be in a hurry, otherwise you can break the“ crosses ”again. Let them grow stronger. ” He says that it takes time to recover. I decided to listen and do as he advises, so I will not force [return to the cage].


Do you share the opinion that the lightest weight in the UFC is the most competitive?

Oh sure. Now there are many high-class fighters – very big names: Jose Aldo, T.J. Dillashaw. There is also a competitive Georgian fighter … Merab [Dvalishvili].

He fights very well, he has already set a record [for takedowns in the bantamweight division]. There are a lot of good and tough guys, so I think the bantamweight is the most … one of the most competitive in the league.

It is believed that the UFC is dragging Sean O’Malley, but he is not in the top 15.

I would not say that Sean is not a top fighter. I would put him in the top 10.

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Even in the top 10?

Of course. He has four knockouts out of five fights.

Do you like his striking sports technique?

He’s not bad. We can say – it’s not bad.

It seems to me that so far he has had only one really serious test – Marlon Vera. And that fight was not very over for him … (O’Malley lost due to injury).

Well, here’s his last rival – a very tough guy who is lane, lane, lane (Chris Moutinho, O’Malley won by TKO. – Approx. “SE”). And Sean used his long levers, worked at a distance. But, of course, he still has something to prove – like any other fighter.

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