Alexander Emelianenko Is Ready

Alexander Emelianenko is ready to fight with his bare fists. Isn’t it dangerous for him?

Sanya may end up like this one day. Then everyone will be imprisoned there for it (smiles).

Honestly, many people don’t like Sanya. And I like him for something. Something. Somehow, no. I believe that somewhere, but in the cam, he should not try himself. True, you shouldn’t go there. He just needs a little rest, reconsider his priorities, maybe, remain the champion of REN TV, agree to a revenge with Koklyaev. Although Uncle Misha is also a normal guy.

Didn’t you feel sorry for him?

Honestly, I felt sorry for Uncle Misha. In nature, it flew over the nest like a cuckoo.

Now Alexander has rapper Djigan on his radar. Will you watch his possible fight against Alexander Emelianenko?

– Yes, he [Dzhigan] will not even stick his head. This is insanity. True, this is insanity. This is suicide. All people have grandmothers in their heads. A person is ready to fall face down into the mud, probably to fall into shit for the sake of bucks and hype. It’s disgusting. Maybe I’m thinking in a wrong way.

If you were approached and offered, for example, 40 million rubles for a fight with Djigan, how would you react?

Yes, the hell is it necessary? Let him mind his own business. I’m 40 lyamas and without it I’ll try to make money.

“Full kabzda. it’s even scary to give birth to children “

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And what do you think of Alexander Shlemenko’s criticism of Morgenstern?

I understand his reaction, but you shouldn’t kill yourself like that inside. I understand him. He’s really hurt. Even somewhere in my heart I feel hurt that something is going on in Russia * [disgrace]. Just * [disgrace]. Some kind of incomprehensible fashion, some priorities, all these shootings, photos, girls. Boys who look like girls, girls who look like boys … Morgenstern is just one of the creations of all this.

He is not the king of it all. He’s one of the graduates of this sport school – of this * [homosexual] movement. Just one of the excellent students of this school. It’s just that someone keeps average, but this one is considered an excellent student of this school. These Creeds, Timati are all sorts … Timati is a man of that old generation who changed his shoes into this * [homosexual] sea again.

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Fistfights Are Circus of Freaks

The current fistfights are circus of freaks. Fist fights are in trend now. Follow?

I close my eyes to this. I don’t look at all. Normal movement is masculine. Such a repulsed, normal movement. But somehow … There is no desire to watch. Truth. For me, honestly, this is some kind of freak circus. Really – a circus of freaks. You still have to think about the end point. Well, they smashed your face – you got one cut, two cut. But what is it for? For the hype?

YouTube, recognition …

So what? Then sell stories with drooling mouth? Your mouth is dripping, but you still sell stories for 1500 rubles. Like, “advertising is for sale. Collaboration in “direct” (depicts a man with a broken jaw). It’s disgusting. You have to think about your health.

In fact, I myself am not worried about my health at all. But now I began to understand that I have parents, a wife, and I, as it were, continue my kind. It’s not that I’m afraid – I can fight with my bare fists. For what purpose only? If there is a good offer, then I will fight with my bare fists.

So are you ready?

Yes. If the amount is correct and the conditions are right. Not an ugly circus, but some kind of real confrontation.

There are also such names in the world of fist fights sports , as, for example, Gadzhi Avtomat, Timur Slashchinin. Do you know them?

I have fist fighters – this is Seryoga near the pub (laughs). I have such fist fighters in my head.

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Which instant noodles would you recommend?

Damn, I don’t know its name, but it is on sale in Lenta. Chinese noodles are so healthy, but if they are kapets at all, then green Doshik is better. It’s chicken flavor. And if “Rollton”, then mushroom or chicken is better.

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Strength Indicators in MMA

What are your strength indicators in MMA? I pulled myself up 30 times for the last time. Squat – the day before yesterday 200 kg squatted three times. Stationary – 280 kg. They poured negative comments on me because of my deadline. I looked and realized that this is a complete kabzda. He pulled like a shitting dog, in kind. Nevertheless, he pulled 280 kg. Bench Press: The biggest weight I’ve ever pressed is 210 kg.

What was your least favorite exercise?

The staff, most likely. Growth, my long levers – to rip the barbell off the floor … Now I started to like the squat more than the deadlift. My favorite is the bench press. Hands are my bread. I do everything with my hands, and I squeeze normally.

Do you work for the press?

I only laugh at the sport press and eat (smiles). The press works well for me.

How many calories do you consume for such a machine to function properly?

These are questions (laughs). I eat often – but not more than five times. I have an early breakfast. If I don’t have breakfast, then I’m the interlocutor, and in general, none of me. My day will go down the drain if I don’t have breakfast at seven in the morning. I consume about 3500 calories a day.

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I thought much more …

Well, it’s hot now. Much does not fit. Here I look at myself now and last summer – I ate even less. Everything is relative. And now I give more energy, that’s why I eat more or less more. 3500 is on average. Even at the minimum salary, I would say.

Judging by Instagram, you periodically indulge yourself, so to speak, with “Doshirakami”.

“I’m not indulging myself. You can say I’m preparing specifically. I have a whole ritual (laughs) – to devour “Doshik”. Man I really love Doshirak. I don’t know … how can you not eat “Doshirak” ?! It’s the same food – there are so many calories, so many carbohydrates. Delicious. Especially when you add mayonnaise there – it’s generally perfect!

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Most Powerful Heavyweight in Russia

Given your size, can you be called the most powerful heavyweight in Russia?

Damn, I don’t like to hit myself in the chest. Probably one of them can be called. Because guys with such anthropology (here Grigory made a reservation, he wanted to say – anthropometry. – Approx. “SE”), like mine … Rizvan Kuniev is dry, poor, in this Eagle FC. Volodya Daineko is a big man, a good fighter, but he is inferior to me in anthropology. I weigh more and a little taller. Who else is there? Sergey Spivak? He’s smaller than me. Sasha Volkov? But Sasha is still a little bony. A thin guy – you need to feed him a little. I’m fatter.

Will you watch the sports fight between Volkov and Cyril Gan? (Recall that the interview took place in early June, while Volkov lost to Ghana by unanimous decision on June 26.)

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Will. And so, to be honest, I don’t watch the UFC at all. I don’t like the UFC right now. It really became some kind of dog show. They will either knock them off the knee, then they will give them back – where, why … And, of course, you need to watch your guys. Moreover, Volkov is fighting. What if he wants to prepare for Lewis and calls me? (Laughs.)

“I weigh 145 kg. The record in the bench press – 210, in the bench – 280. I love “Doshirak”

After the last fight, you said that you started to dry. What is your weight now?

145 kg and no drying status. No drying. Something I exploded after the battle, I thought to try to dry myself. I rested a little and tried to dry myself. I tried it, the nutritionist wrote it all down for me. After that I dried myself, drove up to 130 kg, and then I think like this: “Why do I need all this now?” And he went to eat. Everything. Now I weigh 145 kg. Moreover, it is summer now. Why exhaust yourself with a diet at a time like this? This is unnecessary stress to the body. What is eaten is also useful.

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Final of the Russian Championship

Rizvan [Kuniev], whom I lost in the final of the Russian Championship, is a very good fighter. I think I fought back quite well then. But again, somewhere there burned, somewhere there … By that time, I had not yet played at such large tournaments. Every person is a professional, a treadmill. Hussein, Adam Bogatyrev … Every fighting sports of mine is like a fight in every league, one might say. Rizvan was more experienced than me, this moment played a role. I then stumbled forward like a rhinoceros, ran in this leg, although I could have worked.

“I would go against Ngannu. I say this deliberately “

Your dream fight?

Dream fight … Of course, everyone is asking: “Would you go against Ngannu?” To be honest, yes. Everyone would probably say yes. But I am saying this deliberately. If they asked me: “Are you going to prepare for Francis Nganna now?” – I would answer: “Yes.” It doesn’t matter if I have a 2-0 record, I would still prepare for Ngannu.

What scenario would this fight take?

Suddenly Ngannu will read this interview (smiles).

Your trump card?

I have a trump card. I studied him at the Kuzbass State Center of Culture – this is free-style wrestling.

Which of you is more powerful?

“I don’t know. If I am larger, it does not mean that I am stronger. The cell will show everything!

– Would you go to train in Dagestan before the fight with Ngannu in order to hone the fight even better?

Yes. But I would not go there to prepare for a battle with a Dagestani.

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“I don’t watch the UFC. This is some kind of dog show “

You are usually called “the giant from Fyodor’s hall” or “Fyodor’s disciple.” What is nicer?

To say that I am a student of Fedor … While I am not his student. If you take Stary Oskol, then I’m more likely a student of Alexander Michkov. So “the giant from Fedor’s hall.” From the audience … (laughs)

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Hacked to Death With Nemkov

Hacked to death with Nemkov? Yes. Honestly, I tried to hit him. Because there were thoughts: “Who is this – Vadim Nemkov?” Over time, I realized that it was necessary to help each other in sparring, and not to cripple. But even now, I still do not always manage to restrain myself. It happens that I get aroused, get a little angry and start to chop. The cowboy movement plays in me! But they upset me quickly (smiles).

Did you both fall in sparring with Nemkov?

No no. Neither I nor he fell. It’s just that we’re really haunted. There were blows not like during sparring, when you work 70/30. There were strikers straight strikers.

Did you manage to work together with Fedor?

No, there are more training, technical moments with Fedor. So that he would give me * [bream]: “You don’t know how, this is wrong. So go get ready and we’ll see. “

“Now this citizen of Bahrain would not even come close to me”

Soon after you started training in Stary Oskol, you started performing in amateur MMA. Lost in the World Cup final …

I also lost in the final of the Russian sports championship due to inexperience. Yes, I lost [in the World Cup final]. Yes, I fell. I then a little overwhelmed myself. I handed myself over to the responsibility that I assumed myself. There was also such a moment that I did not feel support. In the final, a Dagestani came out against me (Pasha Kharkhachaev, representing Bahrain. Approx. “SE”). And my whole team [Russian national team] was Dagestan. Somehow … And I also got a little cold, got sick.

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The Thought

I already thought [during the battle]: “I wish it would all be over as soon as possible.” Only now this thought came, and everything was fatal … If I had fought with him now, it would have been a completely different fight. This citizen of Bahrain would not have approached me at arm’s length. I would tell him everything in the third round.

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After Grigory Ponomarev Fight

A month has passed after Grigory Ponomarev fight – some kind of silence. Two months, three months – half a year, probably, has passed. And then, once and unexpectedly: “Okay, come on.” And then I had an injury. Time I pulled something a little. It seemed that she was not strong, but at the same time, she should not be allowed to take its course. I got a little healed and went at my own risk. Dad didn’t want to let me go, but I waved my hand and said: “Okay, I’ve gone.” Because that’s one chance in a thousand.

How is it – to live in two cities?

It’s like working on a watch (smiles). You live here and there. You come, get ready, help the guys. After months of work, you go home to rest. Well, now I have a wife. Now it attracts more here – more than before. You miss your parents, and then there is a full-fledged family, so as soon as possible, come here. But my wife sometimes comes to me [to Stary Oskol].

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How did the first trainings go in Stary Oskol?

It was like giving away on a maroon beret (smiles). Everyone tried to work with me, fight, beat me. And I also … We were brought up here differently. If we have sparring, then everyone falls on their asses. I came to Oskol with this concept, began to hack to death, and they besieged me a little, said: “You calm down, what are you?” Then Fedor Vladimirovich [Emelianenko] made a remark to me for the first time.

Then I already worked with Vadik Nemkov. With Vadik, of course, I was generally exhausted. It was just nothing. It was the hardest month of my life (smiles). Then I realized what real sports and training are. I realized that before that I hadn’t really been involved in sports.

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Hundred Battles in UFC

More than a hundred battles in UFC?

Anyway. On the day, four fights a night (laughs).

Did you ever lose?

To be honest, yes. Because there are different rivals. They fought there not by weight and not by age, so there were different outcomes. There was even one fatal outcome – I went to the hospital. It happened once. But there I didn’t listen to the coach (smiles). Didn’t work according to plan.

What age was that?

I was about ten years old. During school years.

When did you quit street fighting?

Just don’t tell anyone: sometimes I have a Sherdog and now it is replenished in street battles (smiles).

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“I came to Stary Oskol with the notion:“ If sparring, everyone falls on their asses ”

From an early age you are engaged in various types of martial arts. Which species was the most important in life?

Few people know, but I was engaged in kudo – this is full contact karate. I have the first dan in this sport. Whoever looks at me will probably say: “Yes, he drives, anyway. Where is his stretch, kicks? ” But all of my acquired punch comes from kudo and boxing. Kudo gave me a base, and then, closer to adulthood, I acquired wrestling. For some reason, he even began to love to fight. And so, to be honest, I like to fight and fight. It’s just that people come across such that you have to fight more with them (smiles). Therefore, they prepare more for me as a fighter. Although I’m a drummer.

In 2017, you won the champion of Russia in pankration, after which the team of Fedor Emelianenko entered you. So?

To be more precise, Radmir Ildarovich Gabdullin (President of the Union of MMA sports of Russia. – Approx. “SE”) came to me rather. We met … Not even he and I, but he met my coach-father Igor Anatolyevich Ponomarev after the Russian championship in Yaroslavl in 2014. Then they met, and then they took note of me, and now when there was pankration, apparently, the time had already come: “Are you ready to go on a long journey, sail?”

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UFC is a Dog Show

“Kulachka is an ugly circus, UFC is a dog show, Morgenstern is just kabzda.” They call him “The Giant from Fedor’s Hall.” Weighing 145 kg, he pulls himself up 30 times, is ready to fight Ngannu, considers pop-MMA a circus of freaks and cannot stand Timati and Morgenstern.

26-year-old Grigory Ponomarev is the largest fighter who trains at the Alexander Nevsky sports complex in Stary Oskol. It is so big that it is difficult for him to meet the standard heavyweight limit in MMA (up to 120 kg). The “Grand Prix” of the heavyweight Fight Nights, where there is no weight limit, turned up very well. There he made his professional MMA debut last December. Having completed two early victories, Grigory reached the final, which will most likely take place in October.

Fight Nights President Kamil Gadzhiev in an interview with SE said about Ponomarev: “This is a rising star of Russian MMA sports. Three more battles, and, probably, everyone will only talk about him. ” Probably, Hajiyev was referring not only to the sports skills of Grigory. Ponomarev is one of those athletes who are not afraid to say what they think. We were convinced of this at the beginning of June, when we met with him in Kemerovo.

“I have such a street record that Khabib will get tired of fighting!”

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“You’re from here, right?”

I am in Kemerovo, but I grew up in the countryside. My father took me to a village located 30 kilometers from here. By the age of 16, I just got out of the village (smiles). You can say that I am a pupil of the village.

Did you have to fight a lot in childhood?

Of course. I have Sherdog in street fights – Khabib will get tired of fighting, probably (smiles).

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Last Round of Rodriguez

In the last round of Rodriguez, he pressed from start to finish. All Lee could offer was a takedown, but Rodriguez got up and continued to hit Kevin. 120-56 for a significant blow – with such an advantage Rodriguez ended this fight.

Bantamweight: Ricky Turcios (USA, 11-2) v Brady Highstand (USA, 5-2) – split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28).

Turcios and Highstand are finalists for the 29th season of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF), both from the Volkanovski team. The fighters confidently went through all the stages of the show and today fought with dignity for a six-figure contract with the strongest league.

The guys showed a very cool fight – they fought for 15 minutes. Tursios focused on standing, while Highstand was focused on fighting and managed to make 6 takedowns. However, Ricky surpassed him greatly in the number of strokes (100-66) and won on points. Also on account of his knockdown and a very spectacular attempt to enter the guillotine in a jump. This guy will become a prominent figure in the UFC.

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Middleweight: Brian Battle (USA, 6-1) def Gilbert Urbina (USA, 6-2) via rear naked choke (Round 2, 2:15).

The second pair of TUF finalists and the main fight of the tournament are also Volkanovski’s wards. Urbina was not supposed to fight in the final, as he lost to Treshon Gore in the semifinals. But Gore suffered a knee injury and was forced to undergo surgery. Gilbert agreed to replace him. So today we saw, one might say, a historic event – a fighter who did not make it to the final became the winner of the TUF season.

Featherweight: Giga Chikadze (Georgia, 14-2) def Edson Barbosa (Brazil, 22-10) via TKO (Round 3, 1:44).

The main fight of the evening is a kickboxer (Chikadze) versus a boxer (Barbosa). Of course, the fight was held exclusively in a standing position. Chikadze took the first two rounds (17-10 in accurate shots in the first round, 22-19 in the second), and in the third he finished the MMA sports veteran.

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