Pacquiao at 40

Pacquiao at 40 beats young champions. The fight with Keith Thurman in 2019 was cool, where Manny showed outstanding “physics” and calculation, knocked down the opponent, hit the body and passed, turned the tide. At the same time, Thurman was really good. Only since then he did not enter the ring, apparently, the love of drugs, wind instruments and laziness won out. He was then 30 years old. Now – 32, and, perhaps, the fight with Pacquiao broke him. Damn millennials, not used to losing and don’t know real injuries.

And before that Manny had a defeat from Jeff Horn in Australia, from a school teacher with an unpleasant habit of adding wrestling, dirty boxing and more to his arsenal. Many believed that Manny won anyway, but the judges did not even have a disagreement, they gave the victory to Horn unanimously.

Then Manny beat in boxing sports the decommissioned Lucas Matisse after heavy battles in Kuala Lumpur, having previously disconnected the promoter Bob Arum from all operations. Manny claimed that he himself found funding for his fight, and was not going to share with the promoter. He was the promoter himself, and spent the next three fights together with Al Haymon’s company.

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Pacquiao at 36 – loses to Mayweather

In 2015, he hosted Fight of the Century. Against Floyd Mayweather. They said that the fight was five years late, but the viewers at the screens, and especially those who flew to Vegas, did not care. A real traffic jam of business jets has formed at the airport. This phrase “Fight of the Century” is used solely to justify all the money that was at stake, and this thing really works.

$ 300 million for two, Mayweather’s tactical fight, Pacquiao’s rather toothless action, then rumors of a shoulder injury allegedly received before the fight. Nobody wanted to confirm this, because it would mean that someone could manipulate the rates, including the participants in the battle themselves. And talking about the top fight not being real hurts the industry.

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25 Years With Pakman

25 years with pakman from eaten dog to “fight of the century” and presidential candidate. Manny Pacquiao announced that his boxing career is over. We will remember his battles – but not only theirs.

Emmanuel D. Pacquiao in the last years of his career, of course, was not the same. It was to be expected, after all, he is already 42 years old. His professional career has been going on for 25 years, and he started fighting for food very early in his childhood. There are enough films, books and educational programs about this, because Manny is not just a boxer.

He is a phenomenon that goes far beyond what is happening in the ring. This is where all sorts of mythology comes from. For example, that he is a world champion in either seven or eight weight categories. I counted five. In the rest, Pacquiao either did not take the belt, or owned the minor International, or it was the IBO, which is often mistaken for the sports championship belt, but this is just a beautiful belt. If you count them and also add belts with large buckles bought in boutiques in Lag Vegas and Los Angeles, then the Filipino should be a champion in a hundred weight classes. Boxing fans suck with math.

But his merits in boxing are real and undeniable. He left a mark that just can’t be erased, it always happens when, in addition to the actual fights and titles, there were also emotions.

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In the last battles, only they, in fact, remained, it was not the old Pacquiao, but like a fan version of an old computer game. He did everything in the ring, according to the same scheme, but something was not right. Has ceased to pile on with repeated attacks, multi-hit series. Stamina got hooked, he moved worse, became less explosive. But the main difference is that he stopped doing side steps, failing opponents, which was given to him quite easily before. It became clear that he no longer had a margin of safety and the ability to add at any moment.

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Questions to Robbie

Questions to Robbie about MMA: why do you rarely do interviews? It’s 2021, today sports are built on media.

I’m from the old school. I just go out and fight.

My favorite fight of yours is a rematch with Rory MacDonald. What memories do you have of him?

Good fight. I spent probably the best camp in my life for him. If you look at how I felt, how my body worked.

When you smashed him at the end of the 4th round of sports fight, he was bleeding, did you feel that his end was near? The main thing for me is that I felt good then.

But this iconic moment when you look each other in the eyes after the gong?

At that moment, I made it clear to him: “How much longer will you run from me?” That’s what I was thinking then: “Are you going to run, or are we going to fight?” Although we didn’t say a word to each other.

At that moment, did you realize that you were about to finish it?

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I do not know. I just felt good.

Immediately after the fight with MacDonald, Thomas launched the first fight with Diaz in Fight Pass. Robbie was immersed in memories.

“I hadn’t watched this fight in 16 years. At that time, I didn’t know anything about him [Diaz], I didn’t do any homework. Live, he seems much higher than 183 cm. During the fight, he constantly spoke to me: “Come on, come here,” something like that. Tried to knock me out of myself. Did I expect such pressure from him? I didn’t expect anything. I just go out and fight.

He [Diaz] has never changed, still the same style. He honed this style, but it’s all the same. In our fight, he tricked me much more than I did, he did the whole topic better. In general, my style is such that I like to hit when my opponents are making feints. I catch them in these gaps. But here he hit cleanly. I showed everyone: “I’m fine. OK”. (Laughs.) After the fight, Mike Tyson came up to me, we shook hands, he said that I fought too emotionally. And if you watch this fight, I fought like that – with evil. “

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Nick Diaz Interview

Nick Diaz interview on the other hand, spoke only of Robbie, with his characteristic depth and critical thinking from an early age: “A tough guy, really strong physically. You need to be careful with him – he hits hard, there is knockout power. But I think he’s a little clumsy and thinks he’s better than he really is. “

The fight itself turned out to be great – both exchanged blows, took risks, made mistakes, increased the pace and went only to the attack. In the end, it all ended with Nick’s killer right hook, from which Lawler collapsed limp to the canvas. In an octagon interview, Diaz will talk about this shot in more detail: “I work a lot on the right hook, boxing with my brother. Nate has a wide range of arms, and I had to adjust a lot. Robbie has shorter arms, and I was able to deliver this blow. “

Lawler’s defeat for Diaz, as it turns out later, will put him on the brink of dismissal. The next fight against future champion Ivan Tanner, he needed to win a nosebleed, but he will lose by reception and will be expelled from the UFC. He will return to promotion only after nine years, and the second run will be much more successful – Robbie will still get to win the belt.

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Today, 39-year-old Lawler is far from the title fuss. Speed ​​and strength have left one of the most ferocious punchers in MMA sports history to hang on to an oppressive streak of four in a row. The fight with Diaz is another chance to experience the happiness of victory and, most likely, to shine for the last time in the main card of a large numbered tournament.

A few days before the fight, Robbie visited former UFC fighter Dean Thomas for his Din Diaries program and shared his memories of his first fight with Nick. But first, I reviewed the immortal hack against Rory MacDonald in the summer of 2015.

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Robbie Lawler Remembers His Past

Robbie Lawler remembers his past hack with Nick Diaz.”Mike Tyson came up and said,” You fought too emotionally. “

And also the carnage against Rory MacDonald

On September 25, the UFC returns to Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena, an iconic fighting house that has been vacant for over a year due to the covid pandemic.

20,000 spectators will attend one of the most complete tournaments of the fall, in which there was a place for two title fights (Volkanovski – Ortega, Shevchenko – Murphy), three pairs of top contenders (Moraes – Dvalishvili, Blades – Rosenstruyk, Hooker – Hakparast) and a very special fight Featuring fighters that would even be bracketed disrespectfully, Robbie Lawler and Nick Diaz, two gallant veterans, will have their revenge an incredible 17 years later.

Of course, this fight does not solve any tournament problems and the form of the fighters hardly reaches the level of the third from the top fight of the numbered card: Lawler slowed down and became decrepit, and Diaz did not fight at all for more than 6 years – but this is the case when no one cares. Whatever Nick Diaz is, the aura of his personality is still very strong, and the aged Lawler in this fight need not worry about the annoying wrestling passes of young people and work from the heart in a rack.

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Their first fight took place on April 2, 2004 at UFC 47, when Lawler was 22 years old, Diaz was 20. The guys fought at the bottom of the main card right before the fight between Andrei Orlovsky and Wesley Correira, and Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz led the tournament.

Robbie held an 8-1 record (4-1 in the UFC), Nick amassed a 9-2 (1-0 in the UFC sport) by the age of 20. Before the fight, the UFC traditionally recorded short promotional interviews with the participants to rock the fight. Robbie was laconic and indifferent to the opponent’s figure: “When a fight starts, only instincts work. There is no time to think about something. If you think, then only about the fight and victory. “

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Revolution Is Coming in MMA

A revolution is coming in MMA as new leagues based on the “football model” will appear. They can squeeze the UFC. Dana White seems to have cause for concern.
Who invented it

A couple of days ago, well-known insider Ariel Helwani announced on Twitter that a new league will soon appear that will “shake up the entire MMA sport industry.” Then the MMA Fighting portal (Helvani is now working for him) announced the creation of the World Fight League (WFL), and a press release came to our editorial office, which states that in 2023 the Brave Combat Federation promotion will launch the Brave National League (BNL).

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The leagues are different, but the organizational models are very similar. There are three options for development: either confusion will begin, because of which the leagues will sink each other, or there will be fierce competition, thanks to which both the WFL and BNL will make significant progress, or both leagues will work in a sluggish mode and will not be able to shake the current one. balance of power in MMA. The owners of the WFL are still unknown, but BNL is a Bahraini story: the Brave CF promotion is run by Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad al-Khalifa, as well as businessman Mohammed Shaheen.

In the MMA Hour program, Helvani said that the WFL has been operating since 2020; and as a legal entity it was created last May. “The group is made up of several former / current professional athletes from the NFL, NBA; and MMA world, including several world MMA champions; five former respected MMA promoters, former MMA executives, actors and musicians,” Helvani said.

WFL and BNL declare that there are groups of large investors who will not invest in any promotion, event or duel, but in the entire industry.

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Interview With John Morgan

You said in an interview with John Morgan that if Volkov had given you certain positions, you would have submitted him. What positions and submissions are we talking about?

“Before the fight, we worked as hard as ever on heel curls, ankle pains and knee levers.”


For this fight, we worked as hard as never before on the knee lever, heel twist and ankle pain. We worked an insane amount of work on the heel curl. They found a guy with huge legs, like Volkov’s. And they drove the twisting of the heel over and over again. Volkov is very difficult to control on the ground, he turns opponents great. Therefore, we studied how we can avoid sweeps and loss of position when attacking with a submission. That is, if the twisting of the heel does not work, we do not allow him to turn us over and come out into a dominant position from above.

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With heel twisting, there is a problem that the UFC sport opponent can free his leg, pile on and hammer you with a ground and pound. And Volkov has a very good ground and pound. Therefore, I told Cyril that if we go out to submission, then we must exclude situations where Volkov can turn us over and be on top. To do this, we worked out positions with twisting the heel in the fifty-fifty camp, which can be closed so that the opponent does not move. And Cyril, with that long-legged sparring partner, was very successful in closing such positions – the opponent could not move either to the right or to the left – everything was closed.

Why doesn’t Cyril hit the backfist so often? He has long arms, good feints, a movable body for a quick turn under such a blow.

In fact, he loves the backfist. Revisit his first title defense in the Canadian TKO – there he dropped an opponent just as a backfist. Cyril loves to do new things, loves to try. If you bring him to the tower by the pool, he will jump from it without any problems. To the basketball hoop – he’ll hit a dunk.

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Cyril Doesnt Respect Volkov

But don’t think that Cyril doesnt respect Volkov enough. He was very uncomfortable with his defeat. When we returned to the hotel after the battle, we were sitting in my room, I put ice on Cyril’s feet, then a man from our team came in and said that it seemed to him that Volkov was crying. He put his hands on the cage and cried. And Cyril said, “Oh no. I feel so bad for him. How sometimes I do not like this sport. ” And another guy from our team asks, “Why? What difference does it make to you that Volkov has it there now? “

And Cyril says: “I don’t feel comfortable that he lost and missed this chance. If he won, he would be a very good sports champion. I think he has everything to beat Ngannu. If Volkov beat me, then he would beat Nganna. I’m embarrassed because I’m new to this sport, I just came here, and Volkov has been here for a long time, even fought in Bellator, he deserved success. ” And then Cyril wanted to find Volkov and cheer him up.

Was there a moment in this fight when you doubted your victory, were very nervous?

In the middle of the first round, I was a little worried, to be honest.

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How did Cyril add after the first round?

He started winning the fight when he started playing. He needs to play. You have to take what is happening easily. When he started to move, play, use body language, I realized that now the fight is ours. If we talk about the exact moment – when he started to trick with the oblickiks, he showed that he was hitting the oblikkik, but threw out the fronkik. ”Then I realized that everything was fine.

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Volkov Coach Opinion

Volkov coach opinion is that Cyril did nothing new in your fight compared to previous fights. Do you agree?

According to Cyril it is always very difficult to understand how he has changed. This can only be seen if you work very closely with him. But, of course, he did with Volkov what he had not done before. How can you fight Jairzinho and Volkov in the same way? How can you fight the same against the small and the tall? Against the fast and the slow? Against the average fighting intelligence and high? I personally drew up game plans for these fights and I can say that they were completely different.

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Volkov cried and Cyril said: “Sometimes I hate this sport”

Have you used any of Volkov’s psychological characteristics to your advantage? You always study the interviews of your opponents, unravel their character.

Well … (Smiling.) Volkov said before the fight that he wanted to check whose kung fu is better. And I decided that in the course of the battle we would need to tease him a little, cling to him. For example, you saw Volkov throwing a jab – low kick combo, Cyril responding with a two – punch to the body – low kick, and then throwing up his hands, as if saying: “Well, who is better? Want more?”

During the sports camp, we played around with such things, prepared for the fact that we would tease him, get into his head. I really don’t know if it helped us. (Laughs.) But we saw that Volkov is incredibly motivated. And he looks very scary live. I don’t envy, to be honest, Volkov’s next opponent. When you stand opposite Volkov in a cage, you fucking really get scared. He’s really scary. When before the fight the judge takes you to the corners and Volkov walks into the corner, looks into Cyril’s eyes … Wow. This is really scary.

I was scared, and I remember how I looked Cyril in the eyes, how he was there – and he smiled. After the fight, I asked him: “Why did you smile when he looked into your eyes?” He replied: “He was somehow too serious, he threatened me with a glance. I wanted to let him know: brother, you shouldn’t do this – in a few seconds we are already fighting. Don’t worry, I love fighting, I love fighting. Just wait a little. “

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Volkov Low Kicks

“After Volkov low kicks, Cyril’s legs, knee and ankle were broken. I had to extend his vacation by 7 days “

In Russia, after the fight, many said: “If Volkov were more aggressive, he would have won.”

No. If he was more aggressive, he would be knocked out. Without any doubts. Cyril is a counter-puncher sniper, if you are aggressive with him, then go to the knockout. Yes, he doesn’t have huge punching power in retreating positions, but if you aggressively chase him, then you get the scenario of a fight between Werdum and Miocic.

Try to run at it, and you will sit on the canvas, this is 100 percent. Trust me, Volkov was very aggressive. As aggressive as the fight and the opponent would allow him. No other rival in Cyril’s career was as aggressive with him as Volkov. But with Cyril, this is the situation: the more aggressive you are, the more you miss.

Do you agree with the judges that Gan won all 5 rounds?

We didn’t win the first round of UFC sports. Even during the fight, I told Cyril that we lost this round.

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How about the 4th?

Here I am not sure. It seemed to me that it was a very close round. Honestly, I told Cyril that we lost him too. But I didn’t say it because I thought so, but because I wanted to get Cyril. I like to trick my fighters into rounds to make them be more aggressive.

Did Cyril’s legs hurt badly after all these Volkov’s lowkicks?

Yes, his legs were just broken. When we started preparing for the fight against Derrick Lewis, Cyril had a very painful knee, a very painful ankle, he was all exhausted, everything hurts … Now I will tell you exclusive news, I did not tell anyone this after the fight. When we returned to Paris after Volkov, Cyril had 5 days of vacation. He rested these days, returned to the gym, and we started camp to Lewis. But already on the 4th day everything was stopped. Because Cyril was all sick, beaten, slow, haggard.

He told me: “Coach, I am extremely tired. I can’t do anything. ” And we decided to give him one more vacation for 7 days. He spent 7 days on vacation with his family, returned to the gym, and that’s when we started working, but even then – in a very light mode. No work on strength and functionality, only techniques and strategy. This is how Cyril was exhausted after Volkov. Fatigue, a sore knee, a sore ankle … I will say that because of all this, preparation for the title fight was very difficult for us.

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