Conor McGregor Wins again ? (UFC)

Conor McGregor – UFC President, Dana White is still opening up the potential for a rematch of Khabib Nurmagomedov versus him. It could happen, if ‘The Notorious’ could win again.
One of the UFC’s all-time best fights is Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Conor McGregor at UFC 229 in October 2018 in the lightweight title race.

Before entering the octagon, both camps were already hot. Conor McGregor spoke harsh words to Khabib, who alluded to his religion and country. To the point that, McGregor attacked the bus carrying Khabib.

UFC noted, Khabib Nurmagomedov was so dominant over Conor McGregor. Khabib’s significant strikes, which is 70 out of 119 attacks. Most to Conor McGregor’s head, 58 successful strikes.

In the fourth round, Khabib finishes McGregor with a neck lock. Khabib won which afterwards the situation became chaotic as he jumped the net and attacked Conor McGregor’s team!

Khabib was sanctioned. But of course, finally ‘The Eagle’ can establish itself as the best fighter in the light class.

In 2020, Khabib Nurmagomedov retired after defeating Justin Gaethje at the end of October. His winning record is flawless, 29-0, never losing.

Khabib also decided to quit the UFC, because of his mother’s request, who did not want to see himself fighting again after his father Abdulmanap died in July.

On the other hand, the beginning of 2021, Conor McGregor returns to the octagon. Precisely on 23 January, he will face Dustin Poirier in light class.

Conor McGregor seems to want to restore his heyday. The Irish fighter himself is a former light and middle class champion.

President of the UFC, Dana White again said that Khabib Nurmagomedov could fight again. In particular the rematch against Conor McGregor.

“Conor is now focused on fighting again. If he can be champion again, why doesn’t Khabib rematch him?” he said as reported by ESPN.

Dana White also said that he would encourage Khabib to return to fighting. Of course Dana White knows, his late father Khabib wants ‘The Eagle’ to complete his 30-0 victory.

“I will push as much as possible to fight again. He is still at his golden age, he is still the best,” said Dana.

Logan Paul Challenge Floyd Mayweather

Former world lightweight champion Floyd Mayweather finally officially accepted the challenge of a duel from Youtuber Logan Paul in February 2021.

Long before venturing into the world of celebrity boxing. Logan Paul was already popular as a Youtuber in the United States. Initially he was known for uploading sketches on the Vine video application.

In October 2013, he registered a Youtube channel with the name TheOfficialLoganPaul. Through this Youtube channel Paul began to regularly upload his work.

He then created the Logan Paul Vlogs channel on August 29, 2015 and was the most subscribed Youtube channel. Logan then ventured into the world of acting and was involved in various comedy genre films.

Logan Paul’s Youtube channel has attracted controversy several times for broadcasting a man hang himself in Japan. Youtube has also suspended all advertisements on the Logan channel because of the broadcast of removing fish from the pool and jokingly providing CPR respiratory assistance.

In 2018, Paul Logan tried to make a breakthrough by challenging British Youtuber celebrity, Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunji, known as KSI, in a boxing duel until it was approved by the Nevada Athletic Commission.

The first duel, which ended in a draw, caught the attention of the public. The number of spectators exploded until a rematch was held which was finally won by KSI.

Celebrity boxing then became popular in the US as well as raised boxing prestige again, which began to lose to UFC. Logan Paul’s brother, Jake Paul, also recently fought NBA basketball player Nate Robinson in one of the exhibition duels before the main Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones game. At that time Jake came out victorious.

Paul Logan then tried to challenge former world champion Floyd Mayweather in the boxing arena. The two replied to each other on Twitter until Mayweather accepted the challenge.

Boxing duels involving celebrities have received criticism from a number of professional boxers. However, recently Mike Tyson actually supported their existence because they were considered to have boosted the popularity of boxing which was starting to lose favor with the UFC.

Mayweather himself often received exhibition matches after retiring from boxing. After closing his career by defeating former UFC star Conor McGregor in 2017. Mayweather embarked on an exhibition duel against Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa (2018).

Furthermore, the Paul Logan vs Flyd Mayweather duel will be held on February 20, 2021. “Super exhibition, February 20, 2021,” Mayweather wrote in a video caption on Instagram on Sunday (6/12) local time.

Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr fight ends with a draw

LOS ANGELES – Mike Tyson fought Roy Jones Jr at the Staples Center, Los Angeles, California, Sunday (29/112020), noon WIB. The exhibition match ended in a draw based on the judges’ assessment.

Tyson was aggressive from the first half. The Iron Mike – nicknamed Tyson – often launched attacks into the stomach of Jones Jr. Tyson’s attack made Jones Jr. often keep his distance and hug him to avoid the deadly blow. The two boxers looked very exhausted after the first round, but they continued fighting.

When the second round started, Tyson immediately hit Jones Jr’s stomach. Tyson’s attack shocked Jones Jr., but Captain Hook – nicknamed Jones Jr. – was able to retaliate. Jones Jr. danced in the ring, then jabbed Tyson’s face. The fight became even fiercer, unfortunately the sound of the bell stopped the fight in the second round.

Tyson didn’t lose his aggressiveness in the third round. Several of Tyson’s jabs hit Jones Jr’s face, but none were hit. Jones Jr. was powerless in the third round so he hugged Tyson more. The sound of the bell saves Jones Jr.

The fight didn’t change much in the fourth round. Tyson looked superior with every attack on Jones Jr. Meanwhile, Captain Hook is still trying to get out of Tyson’s pressure. Despite the pressure, Jones Jr.’s punches also hit Tyson’s face. After exchanging blows a few times, round four was over.

Tyson didn’t give Jones Jr. the chance to dance in the ring. As soon as the fifth round began, Tyson immediately launched several jabs that hit Jones Jr.’s body. The combination of Tyson’s punches hit Jones Jr’s face.

Things looked bad for Jones Jr because he was cornered by Tyson into the corner of the ring. A hug is a way out for Jones Jr. from The Iron Mike’s aggressiveness. Tyson attempts to end the fight, but the bell rings first.

mike tyson vs roy jones
mike tyson vs roy jones

Next Half Match

The sixth round started with Tyson’s aggressiveness as before. However, Jones Jr. this time made Tyson more difficult. Some of Jones Jr.’s punches hit Tyson’s face, so things changed a little. Until the sixth round ended, Tyson was under pressure from Jones Jr.

Jones Jr. was more aggressive in the seventh round. Jones Jr. released several punch combinations, but Tyson was able to avoid them. The Jones Jr. move left Tyson’s blows just blowing the wind. Even so, the winner was not found in the seventh round.

The eighth round as the determination began. Tyson returns to himself at the start of the fight. Tyson often cornered Jones Jr into the corner of the ring for easy shooting. The Iron Mike seems eager to bring down Jones Jr.

Even so, the two boxers remained standing until the eighth round ended so the winner was determined by the numbers from the judges. However, the judges decided the exhibition fight ended in a draw even though Tyson looked superior from the start.

So Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr end in a draw, will they rematch? We’ll see later. And you can watch full match here.