No More Friendliness in Brandon Moreno

No more friendliness in Brandon Moreno – 2018 turned out to be an unusually lousy year for Brandon Moreno. First, he was fired from the UFC for not the worst performances (that year, the promotion decided to disband the lightest division), and a few months after losing his dream job, doctors discovered a tumor in his newborn daughter Megan’s stomach.

The girl had to urgently operate, and Brandon and his wife Shirley did not have the required amount. The saving check eventually came from the parents of the fighter – entrepreneurs from the Mexican city of Tijuana. Since 1997, Alfredo and Cecilia Moreno have been successfully running the piñatas (papier-mâché toys and wrapping paper) business and pulled the money out of their business to pay for their granddaughter’s treatment

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The Family Wellbeing

Today, Megan is healthy and feels great next to her two sisters – 27-year-old Moreno already has three daughters, and this makes him the largest father of any reigning UFC champion. Soon after financial help from his parents in the fall of 2018; Brandon also raked up problems in sports – he climbed into a solid regional promotion of the LFA; where he managed to become a champion (victory by knockout in a title fight) and declare himself again. By that time, Henry Sehudo had defend the lightest division against the UFC bosses, and so new good guys urgently needed to deepen the roster. Then the matchmakers remembered Brandon Moreno and returned him to the UFC.

“I always tried to be very smiling, friendly, but then something happened to me”

Moreno’s path to today’s success is a very beautiful zigzag. He began his career as a pro with a Jornimen record of 3-3, fought in the UFC sports on the undercard of Artyom Lobov’s fight, was fired at a not-so-bad record in the promotion – 3-2 (and with a rather controversial defeat to Sergio Pettis), returned to the miraculously saved division, cleared his way to the title, ate 95 blows to the head from the hardest hitting puncher in UFC flyweight history, Davison Figueiredo, and didn’t even fall, then crushed him in rematch, inflicting the Brazilian’s first early career defeat. A very rare route in terms of difficulty, which underlines such a nice fact; Moreno is only one of three champions in the history of the promotion; who was able to return to the organization; after being fire and win the title (the other two are Robbie Lawler and Fabricio Werdum).

What Happened at UFC 263

What Happened at UFC 263 – Marvin Vettori dismisses the notion that if you fight boringly, you will never get a championship fight. Vettori fights very boringly. He has no knockout power, he rarely finishes opponents on the ground. But Vettori behaves defiantly, he has a rather bright appearance, and back in April 2018, he gave a competitive fight to Israel Adesanya – the New Zealand Nigerian then won by split decision.

A spectacular fight with the participation of Vettori is impossible – it is logical that his second fight with Adesanya was also not exciting at all. Israel won all five rounds, clearly working from a distance. Moreover, he threw out almost more kicks than punches, which is surprising for a five-round fight of this level. There was a dangerous moment for Vettori – when he was behind Adesanya, but the champion twisted and did not allow a choke hold.

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“I told him (Vettori. – Approx.“ SE ”) after the fight:“ I don’t like you. But this is a fight, I give you credit. You lost today. ” And he replied: “I don’t think I lost. You didn’t win, ”Adesanya told Joe Rogan in an octagon interview. – Okay, if it makes it easier for him to sleep, let them think so. He did not surprise me with anything. Even at the press conference, when he jumped up, I didn’t get up, because I didn’t feel threatened. What’s next? Bobby Knuckles Whittaker. The man I knocked out twice in one fight. I don’t know how this *** (nonsense) with covid will turn out, but we have to play with you again – this time in Oakland. ”

Adesanya dedicated the victory to MMA sports fighter Fai Weik, who was killed in a fight in May. “He was killed,” said the UFC champion. – I emphasize – he was killed, and the murderers are walking free somewhere. Fau Vake, this victory is for you. Even in our last sparring session, you kicked my ass. “

This is Adesanya’s tenth consecutive UFC middleweight win. The division’s record is held by Brazilian Anderson Silva (13 wins).

Israel Adesanya Best UFC Taunts

Israel Adesanya Best UFC Taunts – UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya did not graduate from universities or disappear for days on end in Nigerian libraries, but always knew how to verbally stand up for himself.

Adesanya is not usually considered one of the best trashtokers in the history of the organization, but a lot of strong things were said to them (of course, adjusted for relativity – after all, this is a professional fighter, not Vladimir Nabokov). We decided to collect 7 of the best sayings of Israel – about his rivals, spectators and life situations.

After the fight with Romero

“I’m not going to go to the wheelhouse for some uncle in the stands, pouring booze from fucking three in the afternoon and waiting for me to crash” (on The Luke Thomas Show).
About Gastelum’s haikik

“It’s as if my brain had detached from my head and swayed somewhere on the waves of the ocean” (on his YouTube channel).

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About the character of John Jones

“John Jones is the son of a priest. He is like that girl who was locked up in a Catholic school since childhood and was suppressed all her life. Such long-suppressed girls at some stage break out of oppression and go all the way. They suck the penis of every guy in the yard and so on … This always happens with girls who have been suppressed and controlled for a long time. In the end they break down and become whores ”(on The Luke Thomas Show).
About the current John Jones as a fighter

“This is an elderly white man with the body of a black athlete” (on the Kulture Crew podcast).

About Paulo Costa (before the fight)

“If he hadn’t become a pro UFC sports fighter, he would have been the guy who rolls up to milfs in bars in Brazilian resorts. And then – after everything happens – he never calls them again; and in the end so he has about 20 illegitimate children; who are then settled throughout the United States “(in an interview with The MacLife).

About Paulo Costa (after defeating him)

“For me, he is the quintessence of all those guys who used to bully the weak at school. I never liked all these bullies and bullies. And by defeating him, I kind of took away the strength of all the bullies; and did it in front of the whole world ”(in an interview with The Athletic).

Khabib About UFC Bad Relation With Kadyrov

Khabib About UFC Bad Relation With Kadyrov – “Why do you think that we have a bad relationship with Kadyrov?”

Why didn’t you react to the words of Ramzan Kadyrov on the air?

Because I gained a little life experience. I think because of this.

That is, this topic was decided on the sidelines?

And what are the lobbies?

In a personal conversation, as Shamil Zavurov said yesterday.

I do not know. I don’t think there is any need to react to this. And somehow I missed it all. I think it has more to do with life experience. I have had many statements in my life – both good and bad. This is all analyzed. When time passes, you look back, how it was better to say what was possible and what was not. It is somehow not interesting to comment on something, to speak. Each person has their own opinion.

What emotions did you experience after watching Kadyrov’s live broadcast?

I did not watch it, I read that you all write.

And what were your emotions when you read it?

The whole world is discussing me, what emotions can there be?

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Well, all the same …

This is for you or some other people who have not encountered this, about whom the big media have not written. When people write about you, you think you need to react this way. But each person has his own vision.

“But his words became a kind of sensation. Considering that you and him, it seemed to everyone, are very good relations.

Why do you think that now they are not there?

It seemed that the words “UFC project” are not entirely complimentary. You are the UFC champion after all.

I am both the UFC sports champion and the UFC project. He called me a champion.

He also named it a project.

I do not see any insults in the “project”. I don’t see any insults.

It’s nice that Kadyrov follows your career so much that he even knows that Al Iaquinta is in the real estate business, that he is so immersed in details.

I think these are not details. Everyone wrote about this – ill-wishers who wanted to reduce my merits. To a greater extent, this concerns you. You wrote it, you published it, it was everywhere in the media. Although at that time Iaquinta had five victories, and he did not lose for five years. Nobody took this into account …

Why, they wrote.

They did, right? I have not just read this from you.

Khabib Statements about Tony Johnson

Khabib Statements about Tony Johnson – Well, Tony Johnson doesn’t have such a large audience in Russia. You can still have Daineko. I think Ruslan Magomedov versus Daineko would be a very good fight. Is Ruslan playing for ASA right now? It would be interesting to take him on a contract. Because we lack this kind of confrontation in the heavyweight division.

“I’m tired of jumping into these sweaty legs”

The story of the return of Khabib Nurmagomedov – if not in MMA sports, then in grappling – would definitely blow up the media and attract attention.

These questions will never end. Even after 10 years they will ask: “Well, there are fighters who fought at 42 in the UFC, will you come back?” These questions will always be relevant. You better not wait for my return, because you will have to wait a long time.

“I’m more about the grappling meeting.

Not interesting at all. Why would I fight someone?

To draw attention to the EFC promotion.

I’m tired of diving into these sweaty legs. In training, we fight with Shamil for hours, and so … Enter the arena, prove something – why should I go there? To assert yourself or earn money? These two points are absolutely not interesting to me. Attracting attention for the EFC? Well, it could be, but I’m not interested in this. To do this, you can invite a good grappler. You put too much pressure on me, give me space (refers to the nearby journalists. – Approx. “SE”), I’m not going anywhere.

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The Temptation

What’s the story with $ 100 million for the fight with Mayweather? Who suggested it? And was there a temptation to agree?

The temptation is always there. There were such negotiations – on the part of Saudi Arabia. They wanted me to fight there. Well, I don’t know 100 million … There was no such exact amount, but approximately (at that moment, Khabib’s manager, Rizvan Magomedov, clarified: “Was, was”).

“My current weight is much less than the record.”

And what is your weight now?

You know that it is indecent to ask wrestlers and girls about weight and age.

I haven’t heard about the fighters.

Just kidding. The age of the wrestlers should not be asked, because it does not always correspond [to the one officially declared at the competition]. But you can’t ask about weight either. Here is the collection of Kadimagomedov, who qualified for the Olympics – ask him how they weigh themselves. They get on the scales and hide their weight. So it’s a little indecent.

Khabib Say the UFC Project Is Not an Insult

Khabib Say the UFC Project Is Not an Insult – about the words of Kadyrov, Chimaev, the fight with Mayweather and his league. Khabib Nurmagomedov answered journalists’ questions after the EFC 36 tournament in Kazan.

“The fight between Emelianenko and Dzhigan is absolutely not interesting to us”

How do you like the tournament (the EFC league belongs to Khabib)?

In general, I liked it. I watched about eight fights. I liked the opening card, preliminaries, and, of course, the last fight was remembered in connection with the knockout – it’s always interesting to watch the heavy ones. Of course, I would like it to be even better. But many guys did not want to perform because of Ramadan, they were not in shape. Because of this, not such a fiery card turned out. The next tournament in Alma-Ata, which will be held on June 18, will be more complete.

What would you like to change in the organization of tournaments?

I would like, firstly, to improve the light. I attend not only the EFC, but also the UFC, Bellator, PFL and tournaments that take place in the post-Soviet space. Secondly, there are not enough big battles. There are guys who are young, hungry, but they don’t have big names. I would like to make a couple of signatures of big names in the near future.

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And who is in mind?

We are currently negotiating, there are two fighters – Adriano Martins and Will Brooks. There are also guys in light heavyweight, heavyweight. We are working. You, too, keep in mind that we are only six months old. It is very difficult for us to get foreign fighters in connection with the covid. Well, I still don’t like working with light, I need to improve it.

Emelianenko and Dzhigan just can’t find a platform for their duel.

I think they can’t find people who will pay them for the fight.

“That’s what I mean. Can you find a sponsor for them?

We are absolutely not interested in this direction of battles. As you like to say, “pop MMA sports“. We are not developing in that direction, this fight is absolutely not interesting as the organizers.

And if of the Russian fighters – who would be interesting to see at home?

Well, this is definitely a Mineev-Ismailov fight – it would be a good fight. But, I think, you should not interfere with this, this is the story of Fight Nights only. And so – it would be interesting to organize some kind of fight in heavyweight. Ruslan Magomedov is there, it would be interesting for him to organize a fight. Who do you think he should organize a fight with?

Alexey Oleinik Latest Statements

Alexey Oleinik Latest Statements. I didn’t pay attention to it. I know the UFC always works this way. He tries twice as actively to promote young prospectuses than fighters with great experience. If a fighter has fought 10-15 times, fights well and stably, the league promotes him poorly. This was evident after my fights with Mark Hunt, and also with the guy I knocked out – he then went on three victories in a row, without defeats …

Jared Rosholt.

Yes. He was considered a super-duper-monster, tortured and dragged everyone. He rose high. I knocked him out – and climbed literally 2-3 positions. After defeating Mark Hunt, it’s the same. He was on the 6-7th line, and I, it seems, on the 15th. I won against him – but only moved up to 12th place. At the same time, one of our compatriots fights with another top, wins and rises to his place or even higher. From 15th to 5th – or even higher. Unfortunately there is. I know. What will you do? Complaining about this is not in our male rules. It is, it is not said by one person or two, but nothing can be done about it.

Do you think that in case of defeat, the fight with Spivak could be the last for you in the UFC sports?

It will not be decided by the UFC. Rather, I will decide whether or not to perform at all.

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Even so, the question is?

I’m not a 20-year-old guy, I’ve achieved a lot in my life, probably even more than 90 percent of other guys. By the number of fights, by the number of victories, by methods, by age – whatever you want. Maybe I’m not the best, but at a high level. Therefore, now pay attention to other people … They write: “We want you to hack to death.” Or: “We want you to show more in the stalls.” Damn, I can’t serve everyone.

Who says that?

I have over 200 thousand subscribers – on Instagram, VKontakte, Facebook and so on. And I am also such a person that I answer almost everyone. Or at least I read and react. There are 50-70 messages a day, and I react to them in some way. I know what they write to me. But I live by myself, my family, friends, true fans, comrades, and not by those who say something to one today, tomorrow to the second, the day after tomorrow to the third.

The 15th Fight of Alexey Oleinik in the UFC

This will be the 15th fight of Alexey Oleinik in the UFC (so far – eight wins, six defeats) and the first in an American promotion against a fighter from the CIS. The rival of 43-year-old Oleinik will be 26-year-old Sergey Spivak from Moldova (3-2 in the UFC). Earlier, Alexey said more than once that he would not like to fight in the UFC with athletes from countries that were previously part of the USSR. I immediately had to agree. Spivak recently gave an interview to the YouTube-channel Vestnik MMA, saying that Alexei had no opportunity to refuse the fight: either signing a contract or firing (Boa lost the last two fights to Derrick Lewis and Chris Dakas). Whether the UFC bosses really gave him such a tough ultimatum, Oleinik said in an interview with SE.

Fight With The Man

And yet it happened: you will have a fight with our man, Sergei Spivak. Was there an opportunity to refuse the fight?

Before that, I probably said too much that I had previously refused (from fights with fighters from the CIS countries. – Approx. “SE”). I actually refused about 8-10 times. I was offered fights with Sasha Volkov, with Shamil Abdurakhimov, and with Serega Pavlovich, with someone else. Everyone was offered, but I refused. And now there was essentially no opportunity to refuse. They told me harshly enough: “Don’t try to refuse, because this decision will not be good.” Kovidov’s theme, the UFC is freaking out because it can’t bring fighters. Said, “We can’t be too loyal to everyone right now to sort out pairs.” There is purely human regret [that we will have to fight Spivak], but there can be no sporting regret. We are professionals after all.

At any moment, if an ultimatum position was delivered, I would have fought with Volkov, and Abdurakhimov, and Pavlovich. Fortunately, this has not happened before. Unfortunately, it has come to this now.

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No Choice

Sergei said that you were put in a hopeless position: either you accept the fight, or you are fired from the UFC sports. Was there a question of dismissal?

I don’t know about the dismissal, but as I said, the position [of the UFC] was quite tough. They said that we shouldn’t try to get away from this fight for one reason or another.

After your defeat to Dakas, you left the top 15, although at the same time you were in the top 10 recently, fought with Derek Lewis, who, most likely, will now fight for the title. How did you take this decision?

Conor McGregor Wins again ? (UFC)

Conor McGregor – UFC President, Dana White is still opening up the potential for a rematch of Khabib Nurmagomedov versus him. It could happen, if ‘The Notorious’ could win again.
One of the UFC’s all-time best fights is Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Conor McGregor at UFC 229 in October 2018 in the lightweight title race.

Before entering the octagon, both camps were already hot. Conor McGregor spoke harsh words to Khabib, who alluded to his religion and country. To the point that, McGregor attacked the bus carrying Khabib.

UFC noted, Khabib Nurmagomedov was so dominant over Conor McGregor. Khabib’s significant strikes, which is 70 out of 119 attacks. Most to Conor McGregor’s head, 58 successful strikes.

In the fourth round, Khabib finishes McGregor with a neck lock. Khabib won which afterwards the situation became chaotic as he jumped the net and attacked Conor McGregor’s team!

Khabib was sanctioned. But of course, finally ‘The Eagle’ can establish itself as the best fighter in the light class.

In 2020, Khabib Nurmagomedov retired after defeating Justin Gaethje at the end of October. His winning record is flawless, 29-0, never losing.

Khabib also decided to quit the UFC, because of his mother’s request, who did not want to see himself fighting again after his father Abdulmanap died in July.

On the other hand, the beginning of 2021, Conor McGregor returns to the octagon. Precisely on 23 January, he will face Dustin Poirier in light class.

Conor McGregor seems to want to restore his heyday. The Irish fighter himself is a former light and middle class champion.

President of the UFC, Dana White again said that Khabib Nurmagomedov could fight again. In particular the rematch against Conor McGregor.

“Conor is now focused on fighting again. If he can be champion again, why doesn’t Khabib rematch him?” he said as reported by ESPN.

Dana White also said that he would encourage Khabib to return to fighting. Of course Dana White knows, his late father Khabib wants ‘The Eagle’ to complete his 30-0 victory.

“I will push as much as possible to fight again. He is still at his golden age, he is still the best,” said Dana.

Khabib Nurmagomedov Materialistic ?

Khabib Nurmagomedov continues to be rumored to be coming back to UFC. Khabib suddenly talked about money, is ‘The Eagle’ materialistic?

UFC 254 will be Khabib Nurmagomedov’s last stage. At Fight Island, Abu Dhabi at the end of October, Khabib faced Justin Gaethje in defending the lightweight champion belt.

Khabib Nurmagomedov, as usual, appeared dominant. Khabib only needed two rounds to crush ‘The Highlight’ resistance, through the triangle choke.

After that, the Dagestani fighter declared his retirement. That cannot be separated from Abdulmanap’s father, who died in July, and his mother who did not want to see Khabib fight again.

Khabib closed his adventure in the MMA world with a brilliant record. He has never lost with a winning record of 29-0, then won as UFC lightweight champion, and became the best pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC.

But it seems that the fans are not willing to see Khabib Nurmagomedov retire. Khabib was considered again at the peak of his glory and could still continue to compete.

So, rumors of a Khabib comeback continue to stick out. Conor McGregor wants a rematch, Tony Ferguson has yet to fight with him, and of course the dream battle against the legendary Georges St-Pierre.

Several times Khabib Nurmagomedov stated that there was no intention of wanting to fight again. For Khabib, he has proven himself to be the best fighter and has destroyed many big names.

Recently, Khabib Nurmaagomedov was again asked about his comeback. Reporting from the Russian media, RT, Khabib was asked about the opportunity to fight back to UFC.

Again, Khabib said he would not return to fighting. But Khabib, suddenly mentioned money.

“Dana White (UFC President) will tease me with a lot of money. Imagine if he offered 100 million USD, it would be a problem,” said Khabib with a smile.

Suddenly, this fragment of Khabib Nurmagomedov’s statement was greeted quickly by the international media. In essence, Khabib wants a comeback as long as he is paid 100 million USD!

But apparently, Khabib had not finished talking. He insisted again and again, not interested in money!

“That doesn’t really interest me,” he said in connection with a statement about $ 100 million.

Khabib Nurmagomedov also stated for a long time that he was not interested in money. Khabib just wants the title of champion.

The proof, he was also offered the same amount of money to face Floyd Mayweather Jr. But just then, he firmly rejected it.