Cyril Doesnt Respect Volkov

Cyril Doesnt Respect Volkov

But don’t think that Cyril doesnt respect Volkov enough. He was very uncomfortable with his defeat. When we returned to the hotel after the battle, we were sitting in my room, I put ice on Cyril’s feet, then a man from our team came in and said that it seemed to him that Volkov was crying. He put his hands on the cage and cried. And Cyril said, “Oh no. I feel so bad for him. How sometimes I do not like this sport. ” And another guy from our team asks, “Why? What difference does it make to you that Volkov has it there now? “

And Cyril says: “I don’t feel comfortable that he lost and missed this chance. If he won, he would be a very good sports champion. I think he has everything to beat Ngannu. If Volkov beat me, then he would beat Nganna. I’m embarrassed because I’m new to this sport, I just came here, and Volkov has been here for a long time, even fought in Bellator, he deserved success. ” And then Cyril wanted to find Volkov and cheer him up.

Was there a moment in this fight when you doubted your victory, were very nervous?

In the middle of the first round, I was a little worried, to be honest.

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How did Cyril add after the first round?

He started winning the fight when he started playing. He needs to play. You have to take what is happening easily. When he started to move, play, use body language, I realized that now the fight is ours. If we talk about the exact moment – when he started to trick with the oblickiks, he showed that he was hitting the oblikkik, but threw out the fronkik. ”Then I realized that everything was fine.

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