Joe Rogan and Mike Tyson

Joe Rogan and Mike Tyson

Joe Rogan and Mike Tyson interview “And you knew Jimmy Jacobs, who had this crazy library of battles.”

Mike Tyson: “I watched these fights all day. We watched and studied. Day and night. “

Joe Rogan: “How many fights were in the Jacobs collection?”

Mike Tyson: “I don’t know. Thousands. I’ve watched thousands … Even the guys who fought in the 1890s. I watched everything. “

Joe Rogan: Wow. Who was the most special for you, stood out from others? Probably Jack Johnson. “

Mike Tyson: “He was great. Ahead of his time. But there were also guys like Tony Canzoneri and Henry Armstrong, Barney Ross, Benny Leonard. These guys brought boxing sports to the level thanks to which it has developed to its present state. They were the superstars of their day. “

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Joe Rogan: “What was the name of this crazy middleweight who climbed up to Jack Johnson and dropped him?”

Mike Tyson: “Stanley Ketchel. Cool man”.

Joe Rogan: “Oh yes. He could hit like that. “

Mike Tyson: “Very cool. But he was killed when he was in his prime (at 24 – Approx. “SE”). He took the girl away from some guy. Ketchel was a tough guy with a stance like “What are you going to do to me?” He beat that guy up, humiliated him. He returned and shot him. Ketchel was a wild, crazy guy. And fearless. “

(The official version is different – Ketchel at the ranch scolded the worker for beating the horse. The worker decided to take revenge the next day and shot the boxer with a gun at breakfast. The bullet pierced his shoulder and entered his lung. The rancher and friend of Ketchel even ordered a special wagon, to take the boxer to the Springfield clinic, but they could not save him. His last words were: “I am very tired. Take me to my mother.” – Approx. “SE”).

Joe Rogan: “When it comes to madmen, Roberto Duran comes to mind.”

Mike Tyson: “Crazy. But a handsome man. All these his actions were natural, Durand was in rhythm with them. “

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