Khabib Very Strong Brother

Khabib Very Strong Brother

Khabib very strong brother is Umar Nurmagomedov. “Without defeating me, Peter Jan cannot call our division his own.”  UFC Fighter – About the best bantamweight fighters, Khabib’s personality, Tarki races, an unnecessary iPad, bad news and horses.

Khabib Nurmagomedov’s second cousin, Umar, made his UFC sports debut in January this year with a landslide victory over Sergei Morozov. Then he tore the cruciate ligaments of the knee, he is still recovering from the injury, but it is possible that he will return to the cage in December. Umar and I met in Makhachkala at the school of Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov and talked for half an hour.

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How is the recovery from the injury going?

Rehabilitation is almost over, but there is no previous stability yet. I don’t feel the same yet. Probably need a little more time. It is usually said that it must take at least a year to return to fighting. But I’ll probably be back a little earlier. It will be possible to make decisions regarding fights only when I can fully start training: sparring, wrestling, grappling, running, sprint, running to the mountains. So far, this is the situation.

Is it difficult to keep the weight, considering that now there is no usual load?

While I was in America, I weighed 74 kilograms, and I came to Dagestan – and the weight dropped sharply, as it was hot. Since then, it has stayed in one place. Now I eat sweets – I do not deny myself anything in terms of food. In short, the weight does not rise – it holds.

And 74 kilograms is your maximum weight?

The maximum was while I was in the hospital – 75-76 kilograms. This is the maximum weight for 2-3 days. And so that I could hold myself upright and I was somehow big, I don’t remember that, 74 kilograms is the ceiling.

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