Nick Diaz Interview

Nick Diaz Interview

Nick Diaz interview on the other hand, spoke only of Robbie, with his characteristic depth and critical thinking from an early age: “A tough guy, really strong physically. You need to be careful with him – he hits hard, there is knockout power. But I think he’s a little clumsy and thinks he’s better than he really is. “

The fight itself turned out to be great – both exchanged blows, took risks, made mistakes, increased the pace and went only to the attack. In the end, it all ended with Nick’s killer right hook, from which Lawler collapsed limp to the canvas. In an octagon interview, Diaz will talk about this shot in more detail: “I work a lot on the right hook, boxing with my brother. Nate has a wide range of arms, and I had to adjust a lot. Robbie has shorter arms, and I was able to deliver this blow. “

Lawler’s defeat for Diaz, as it turns out later, will put him on the brink of dismissal. The next fight against future champion Ivan Tanner, he needed to win a nosebleed, but he will lose by reception and will be expelled from the UFC. He will return to promotion only after nine years, and the second run will be much more successful – Robbie will still get to win the belt.

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Today, 39-year-old Lawler is far from the title fuss. Speed ​​and strength have left one of the most ferocious punchers in MMA sports history to hang on to an oppressive streak of four in a row. The fight with Diaz is another chance to experience the happiness of victory and, most likely, to shine for the last time in the main card of a large numbered tournament.

A few days before the fight, Robbie visited former UFC fighter Dean Thomas for his Din Diaries program and shared his memories of his first fight with Nick. But first, I reviewed the immortal hack against Rory MacDonald in the summer of 2015.

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