Pacquiao at 40

Pacquiao at 40

Pacquiao at 40 beats young champions. The fight with Keith Thurman in 2019 was cool, where Manny showed outstanding “physics” and calculation, knocked down the opponent, hit the body and passed, turned the tide. At the same time, Thurman was really good. Only since then he did not enter the ring, apparently, the love of drugs, wind instruments and laziness won out. He was then 30 years old. Now – 32, and, perhaps, the fight with Pacquiao broke him. Damn millennials, not used to losing and don’t know real injuries.

And before that Manny had a defeat from Jeff Horn in Australia, from a school teacher with an unpleasant habit of adding wrestling, dirty boxing and more to his arsenal. Many believed that Manny won anyway, but the judges did not even have a disagreement, they gave the victory to Horn unanimously.

Then Manny beat in boxing sports the decommissioned Lucas Matisse after heavy battles in Kuala Lumpur, having previously disconnected the promoter Bob Arum from all operations. Manny claimed that he himself found funding for his fight, and was not going to share with the promoter. He was the promoter himself, and spent the next three fights together with Al Haymon’s company.

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Pacquiao at 36 – loses to Mayweather

In 2015, he hosted Fight of the Century. Against Floyd Mayweather. They said that the fight was five years late, but the viewers at the screens, and especially those who flew to Vegas, did not care. A real traffic jam of business jets has formed at the airport. This phrase “Fight of the Century” is used solely to justify all the money that was at stake, and this thing really works.

$ 300 million for two, Mayweather’s tactical fight, Pacquiao’s rather toothless action, then rumors of a shoulder injury allegedly received before the fight. Nobody wanted to confirm this, because it would mean that someone could manipulate the rates, including the participants in the battle themselves. And talking about the top fight not being real hurts the industry.

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