Petr Yan Is Number One

Petr Yan Is Number One

Petr Yan is number one and Peter Yan is a champion, what else can I say?

And the champion Aljamain Sterling?

He also proved that he is a top fighter. And in the last fight [with Petr Yan] he went to bed after the knee … In October he will fight, and he will need to rehabilitate himself (an interview with Nurmagomedov took place before it became known that Sterling withdrew from the fight against Yan at the UFC sport 267, Sandhagen became Peter’s rival. – Approx. “SE”).

What do you think – who will win?

I think, Peter. Percent 70 to 30 – Peter, not 75 to 35, namely 70 to 30 (smiles).

Did you remember your reservation?

No, these were the words of Islam Makhachev (smiles).

Exactly. Peter Yan expressed his respect to Dillashaw, but wrote that this is his division. You reacted to this by writing “Division” and putting an emoticon …

Well, of course, in this division there are not only Peter Yan and Dillashaw. There are also other fighters. Until he defeats me, he cannot call this division his own. I don’t want anyone to call themselves a king or something else.

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Did it hurt you?

Such that hurt – no. But I don’t think our division belongs to Peter, Sterling or anyone else.

You and your brother Usman often hit high-kicks. When Dillashaw fought Dominic Cruz, he threw out 33 high-kicks, and he invested in each. After the fight, Cruz said it was very difficult, hinting that T.J. was most likely doping. In your opinion, throwing 33 high-kicks in a five-round fight, investing in each one, possibly without doping?

Yes, I think it’s real. It all depends on how you train. If you hit 150-200 hi-kicks in practice, what is it like hitting 30? So it all depends on how he hones his skills.

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