Robbie Lawler Remembers His Past

Robbie Lawler Remembers His Past

Robbie Lawler remembers his past hack with Nick Diaz.”Mike Tyson came up and said,” You fought too emotionally. “

And also the carnage against Rory MacDonald

On September 25, the UFC returns to Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena, an iconic fighting house that has been vacant for over a year due to the covid pandemic.

20,000 spectators will attend one of the most complete tournaments of the fall, in which there was a place for two title fights (Volkanovski – Ortega, Shevchenko – Murphy), three pairs of top contenders (Moraes – Dvalishvili, Blades – Rosenstruyk, Hooker – Hakparast) and a very special fight Featuring fighters that would even be bracketed disrespectfully, Robbie Lawler and Nick Diaz, two gallant veterans, will have their revenge an incredible 17 years later.

Of course, this fight does not solve any tournament problems and the form of the fighters hardly reaches the level of the third from the top fight of the numbered card: Lawler slowed down and became decrepit, and Diaz did not fight at all for more than 6 years – but this is the case when no one cares. Whatever Nick Diaz is, the aura of his personality is still very strong, and the aged Lawler in this fight need not worry about the annoying wrestling passes of young people and work from the heart in a rack.

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Their first fight took place on April 2, 2004 at UFC 47, when Lawler was 22 years old, Diaz was 20. The guys fought at the bottom of the main card right before the fight between Andrei Orlovsky and Wesley Correira, and Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz led the tournament.

Robbie held an 8-1 record (4-1 in the UFC), Nick amassed a 9-2 (1-0 in the UFC sport) by the age of 20. Before the fight, the UFC traditionally recorded short promotional interviews with the participants to rock the fight. Robbie was laconic and indifferent to the opponent’s figure: “When a fight starts, only instincts work. There is no time to think about something. If you think, then only about the fight and victory. “

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