Sandhagen Flying Knee

Sandhagen Flying Knee

Sandhagen flying knee knocks off people’s memory. Edgar even forgot the training camp after the knockout.

Knee flying out like a combat fighter over the mountains.

Petr Yan‘s rival in today’s title fight Corey Sandhagen is a rare breed drummer.

First, he knows how to turn people off with complex and flowery techniques. Secondly, he manages to do it in battles against top rivals. Thirdly, there is practically no difference for him, to bring these strikes to moving or standing targets, and, fourthly, all these techniques naturally follow from his position and do not carry any serious side risks.

The fourth point is explained by the fact that Corey combines not only dashing creative tricks, but also a solid foundation in the form of footwork, good shock school and strategic discipline. This happens quite rarely – as a rule, bright, risky strikers do not have good positional training.

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Sandhagen’s two most fiery finishes in the UFC were with a spinning wheel kick (fight with Marlon Moraes) and a flying knee (fight with Frankie Edgar). Never before have Moraes and Edgar – certainly elite fighters – lost by knockouts from kicks or knees. Moraes is a two-time Brazilian Muay Thai champion, himself a great kicker, but Corey did not keep track of the turntable. Frankie Edgar spent more than 60 takedowns in the UFC sport, always successfully passed to the legs, changed levels, but then he ran into a lethal knee for the first time.

This is the very rare knockout that is already flowing from the “beautiful” category to the “scary” category. After this knee, Frankie did not remember not only the fight itself, but also the training camp.

“I remember sitting with my coaches after the fight,” Edgar recalled in an interview with ESPN. – There are doctors nearby. I ask: “Mark (Henry – coach. – Approx.” SE “), what happened?” He says, “You had a fight.” And I remembered, yes, I had a fight. But I didn’t remember with whom. I ask: “Who did you fight with?” They say Sandhagen.

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