25 Years With Pakman

25 years with pakman from eaten dog to “fight of the century” and presidential candidate. Manny Pacquiao announced that his boxing career is over. We will remember his battles – but not only theirs.

Emmanuel D. Pacquiao in the last years of his career, of course, was not the same. It was to be expected, after all, he is already 42 years old. His professional career has been going on for 25 years, and he started fighting for food very early in his childhood. There are enough films, books and educational programs about this, because Manny is not just a boxer.

He is a phenomenon that goes far beyond what is happening in the ring. This is where all sorts of mythology comes from. For example, that he is a world champion in either seven or eight weight categories. I counted five. In the rest, Pacquiao either did not take the belt, or owned the minor International, or it was the IBO, which is often mistaken for the sports championship belt, but this is just a beautiful belt. If you count them and also add belts with large buckles bought in boutiques in Lag Vegas and Los Angeles, then the Filipino should be a champion in a hundred weight classes. Boxing fans suck with math.

But his merits in boxing are real and undeniable. He left a mark that just can’t be erased, it always happens when, in addition to the actual fights and titles, there were also emotions.

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In the last battles, only they, in fact, remained, it was not the old Pacquiao, but like a fan version of an old computer game. He did everything in the ring, according to the same scheme, but something was not right. Has ceased to pile on with repeated attacks, multi-hit series. Stamina got hooked, he moved worse, became less explosive. But the main difference is that he stopped doing side steps, failing opponents, which was given to him quite easily before. It became clear that he no longer had a margin of safety and the ability to add at any moment.

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