Flying Knee in MMA

The second type of flying knee in MMA is the split. This knee works for boxing distance. You stand at a medium distance, punch with your hands. The back right leg rises to hit with the knee, but you do not hit with it, but do the stretching and switch the weight to the left knee, which is being hit. Raise the right knee, the left leg does not come off the ground, then transfer the weight to the other side – and jump with the left knee.

Take your right leg back, with which the knee kick will go. The left supporting leg is in front, you stand on its entire foot and at the last second you jump out with your right knee. The pelvis goes forward and does not remain behind. The toe on the right leg should extend downward, with the left leg extended backward.

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The third fighting sport type is the knee in a close-range jump. Here, the flying knee and the knee from the step will no longer work. You are standing close, you can, if practicing on the paws, take the paw with your hands in a Thai grip. Weight on the right leg. You must take off with both legs at the same time. They should be aligned before jumping. The best exercise to practice this jump is to do small bounces, lifting both legs at the same time in the split. We jumped – spread our legs apart – landed with both legs at the same time. The partner should keep the paw at the level of the neck. “

Duane Ludwig, one of the best MMA coaches in the world. “You can’t just knee jump. We need an angle of entry into the attack and an angle of exit “

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