Become a Great Actor with 6 Easy Steps

Acting is great, whether it is a school play on stage or a full-time profession on the camera. But just like any other profession, it requires dedication and training. The truth is, while many great actors earn their way up due to talent, several celebrities you see on the silver screens went through a lot to get where they are today.

So, what should you do to be a great actor? Here are some few tips.

  1. Figure out a character you can play best and work on it

Many artists will advise you to find a character that no one knows. Reason being, acting involves different characters such as villains, clowns, serial killers and more. These characters have to team up to make the movie work. To find a character that fits you well, you can take a walk in the streets. Study different behaviors you see in people. If you find one that impresses you, take time and study it. If you can, make friends with that person whose character has impressed.

You can then try and find out,

  • Things that makes him or her happy.
  • His or her hobby – What the person does all the time.
  • His or her favorite foods
  • His or her profession and more.
  1. Work on your lines

Once you’ve created your character, you are required to behave exactly like it, and that includes talking, body language and more. Doing this will be impossible if you haven’t memorized your lines. To present your character confidently on screen, you need to be well acquainted with the part that you are required to play. Work on your lines until you can say them perfectly without looking at the script. Being able to say your lines off-head will allow you to concentrate more on your character. Here are some few tips that will help you memorize your lines.

  • Go through your lines before and after your bedtimes.
  • Try repeating them without reading your paper.
  • You can also practice with a friend so that you get it much better.
  • When practicing, ensure that you are saying them the way your character would have said them.
  1. Figure out emotions that matches your character

A good actor must be able to portray several emotions, when hurt, happy and more. Most probably, it would be hard to express some feelings your character has, but you can always figure out an emotion that is similar to how your character would have reacted when something good or bad happens. Take for example, how would your character behave when someone he or she loves dies? Try to bring the feeling within you and see if it matches your style. Also, you should be able to change your voice in different situations to convey the emotions of your character. Lastly, figure out what your character will do when hungry or upset. Will he or she jump up, hang his or her head or just stand there looking sad?

  1. Learn how to maintain confidence when something bad happens

It is hard to find an actor who doesn’t make mistakes. And that is why producers are often forced to go through many takes to ensure that their final piece is perfect. So, learn how to accept failure and continue going. It is likely you will miss your lines, misrepresent your character or do anything that is not in the script. The worst that can happen is, letting the audience know because they won’t see the mistake if you don’t convey it to them. Learn how to maintain your smile even when you miss a line.

  1. Avoid pessimism

Worrying too much will ruin not only your thoughts but also your character. Maintaining a positive attitude when acting makes it easy for you to impress your audience even if you are making mistakes. Also, there is a chance that some people in your audience will criticize you. Remember, not everyone will be impressed with your character. Take, for example; you are acting the part of a villain. If you represent your character well, some people in the audience will forget that you are just acting. For that reason, they might criticize what you are doing. If this happens, know you’ve represented your character well. So, avoid negativity.

  1. Learn how to work with other team members

Remember, you won’t be acting alone on the stage. For your acting to be a success, a director, a producer, a cameraman, and many other people must be involved. If you can’t work with them, you’ll make it harder for them and probably, it will ruin you. Always remember, the director knows how the acting should go. So, if they criticize or suggest something, take it seriously. Make the amendments wherever you are required to. If you don’t understand something, make sure you’ve consulted the director. Also, keep in mind, it is not only about you. It is a team effort, meaning that if you can’t work together with them, there are high chances you will fail.

One fact is, acting is not easy. Stepping on the stage itself can be frustrating, especially if you are doing it for the first time. If you are paranoid and not used to criticism, you might have a hard time surviving minutes on the stage. So, practice just like you would do when trying to memorize your notes to pass your exam. Try to understand what people want and most importantly, learn how to work with other people. Learn how to stay in shape, here’s the free guide to the beta switch diet plan pdf.