Interesting UFC Analysis

We decided to collect the most interesting UFC analysis of this blow – from masters of sports in Muay Thai to world-class MMA coaches, in order to explain the nature of the flying knee as deeply and interestingly as possible.

Andrey Koreshkov, Bellator champion. “For this blow you need to pull up to the net, cheat, jump with two feet higher and stronger, play it safe by grabbing the opponent by the neck.”

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“If you take Orlovsky’s knee with Fedor, he did the right thing at first – he squeezed the man. It is most important. Because if a person has somewhere to run, then it is very easy to defend against this blow. Take a step and put your hands up. Therefore, in front of a flying knee, it is better to first press the person against the wall or already counterattack his passage to the legs, but this is already a little harder.

Andrei tried with Fedor to do something, I don’t know, from the classics of Muay Thai, when you jump with one knee. It’s a little slow because the push comes from only one leg. In our sport school of Alexander Shlemenko, we beat this blow with two feet. In a single clean and jerk, you need to lift your entire body weight with just one leg.

When you are pushing with two, you need to make some kind of deceiving move. Sit down, change the level, show that you are going to make a passage. And at this moment, you push with two legs and do a split. And, in order not to miss a punch, you need to keep your hands. Although in battle it’s easy to forget about it, so you need to get used to it.

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