Interview With John Morgan

You said in an interview with John Morgan that if Volkov had given you certain positions, you would have submitted him. What positions and submissions are we talking about?

“Before the fight, we worked as hard as ever on heel curls, ankle pains and knee levers.”


For this fight, we worked as hard as never before on the knee lever, heel twist and ankle pain. We worked an insane amount of work on the heel curl. They found a guy with huge legs, like Volkov’s. And they drove the twisting of the heel over and over again. Volkov is very difficult to control on the ground, he turns opponents great. Therefore, we studied how we can avoid sweeps and loss of position when attacking with a submission. That is, if the twisting of the heel does not work, we do not allow him to turn us over and come out into a dominant position from above.

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With heel twisting, there is a problem that the UFC sport opponent can free his leg, pile on and hammer you with a ground and pound. And Volkov has a very good ground and pound. Therefore, I told Cyril that if we go out to submission, then we must exclude situations where Volkov can turn us over and be on top. To do this, we worked out positions with twisting the heel in the fifty-fifty camp, which can be closed so that the opponent does not move. And Cyril, with that long-legged sparring partner, was very successful in closing such positions – the opponent could not move either to the right or to the left – everything was closed.

Why doesn’t Cyril hit the backfist so often? He has long arms, good feints, a movable body for a quick turn under such a blow.

In fact, he loves the backfist. Revisit his first title defense in the Canadian TKO – there he dropped an opponent just as a backfist. Cyril loves to do new things, loves to try. If you bring him to the tower by the pool, he will jump from it without any problems. To the basketball hoop – he’ll hit a dunk.

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