Jump in MMA

And jump in MMA as high as possible. The higher you jump, the stronger the blow will be. There is a greater chance that you will knock out the person and do not miss anything in return. Therefore, the whole scheme looks like this: pinch to the wall, confuse, jump higher and stronger. After hitting the knee, it is better to grab the opponent’s head, fix the clinch. If you don’t hit with your knee, you will at least be in a good position, and you will be able to continue the classic knee strikes already to the body, to the head.

When we attack, we make a stronger jump for this knee, the momentum is greater, the blow is a little tighter. But when a person comes at you, I don’t have to jump strongly and high, I just need to do a quick break. His movement forward will do all the work for you. And the split will help your opponent not find your legs to capture. Backward spacing breaks the grip. For this blow, you need to work out a jump, muscle memory for a long time. The sport partner puts his hands on the level of the chin, and you jump with a kick. “

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Alexander Surzhko, master of sports in Thai boxing. “It is important to bring the pelvis forward, to make a jerk with your hand to strengthen, try to hit between the opponent’s hands”

“There are two variations in the direction of the knee – straight forward and from bottom to top, directed to the jaw,” analyzed Surzhko on the Youbube-channel bloodandsweatmma. – We must try to hit between the hands, where is this frame of the solar plexus, ribs and head. To strengthen the blow, a jerk of one of the hands is required. If we hit with the right knee, then this is the right hand, with the left one – the left. The second hand is at the head, so as not to strike a counter blow. The distance for a flying knee should be slightly longer than for a normal knee strike.

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