Lionel Messi makes 500 appearances in the Spanish league

Lionel Messi made the latest achievement in the Huesca vs Barcelona match. The Blaugrana captain has played his 500th match in the Spanish league.

Messi appeared as a starter when Barcelona visited Huesca’s headquarters at the Estadio Al Acoraz. In the 27th minute, La Pulga provides an assist for the visitors’ goal scored by Frenkie de Jong.

The Dutch player’s goal was the only goal that was created until the match ended. Barcelona closed the match with a 1-0 win.

There is a special achievement for Lionel Messi in the Huesca vs Barcelona match. The 33-year-old superstar has now made 500 appearances in the Spanish League.

This number makes Messi now the second Barcelona player to play in LaLiga. Launching a report from the US, the Argentine player only lost to Xavi Hernandez, who has made 505 appearances throughout his career.

Not only that, Messi has also explored his 750th appearance for Barcelona in the official arena. La Pulga is now only 17 games away to match Xavi’s record (767) as the Blaugrana player with the most official matches.

Since making his debut for Barcelona in 2003, Messi has played 500 games in the Spanish League, 147 in the Champions League, 75 in the Copa del Rey, 19 in the Spanish Super Cup, five in the Club World Cup and four in the European Super Cup.

In those 750 matches, Lionel Messi has scored 644 goals for Barcelona. This number earned him the title as the player with the most goals at a club in history.

Barcelona Begins to Return to Its Habitat

Barcelona – Barcelona won a 2-1 victory over Real Sociedad in the La Liga match at Camp Nou. This incision made El Barca slowly begin to return to the top of the La Liga standings.

Playing at home, the Blaugrana fell behind first after Willian Jose broke into Marc-Andre ter Stegen’s goal in the 27th minute. However, after that Barcelona was able to show a revival.

After equalizing thanks to Jordi Alba’s beautiful goal in the 31st minute, Barcelona turned ahead with Frenkie de Jong’s goal in the 43rd minute despite being ruled out and then again approved by VAR.

Several important points can also be taken from the victory that Barcelona won when they hosted Real Sociedad. The following is a full review.

Ronald Koeman’s Fruit Tactic

Unlike the previous matches, in this match Ronald Koeman installed a 4-3-3 formation and made Frenkie de Jong more active in helping attacks.

Barcelona also appeared very dominant, especially in the first half. Although they conceded, the hosts were able to turn things around before halftime.

Interestingly, Barcelona’s two goals were born not from their attackers, but from Jordi Alba who was active in helping the attack from the left side and De Jong who now plays more up.

Jordi Alba’s Slick Performance

One of the main factors why Barcelona was able to beat Sociedad was due to the impressive performance shown by Jordi Alba on the left side.

In addition to scoring goals with a curved shot using his right foot, Alba also played a role in sending a crossing which was perfected into a second goal by De Jong.

Alba was also active in terrorizing the Sociedad defense and almost providing an assist in the second half. Unfortunately Antoine Griezmann’s final finish failed to become a goal.

Lionel Messi the Inspirator

Even though he did not list his name on the scoreboard. Lionel Messi remained the inspiration for Barcelona’s victory through his good performance throughout the match.

Messi, who moved more from the second line. Repeatedly put the Sociedad defense at a loss when trying to stop La Pulga’s movement.

Judging from the statistics, Messi is very impressive with four successful dribbles, and fired three shots and two key passes.

Impressive Back Line Duet

In this match, Koeman made a bold and surprising decision by installing a pair of young defenders at the back, namely Ronald Araujo and Oscar Mingueza.

Amazingly, Araujo and Mingueza also succeeded in paying Koeman’s trust through their convincing and solid performance in matches against teams that rely on high pressing.

Araujo himself was believed to play for the full 90 minutes. While Mingueza appeared until the 79th minute before being replaced by Clement Lenglet.

Back on the Champion’s Path

The victory over Sociedad propelled Barcelona to fifth in the La Liga standings with a value of 20. The Blaugrana are still six points behind the top three teams.

Barcelona clearly has a very open opportunity to poke back into the top flight and enliven the championship competition.

After hobbling at the start of the season. Barcelona are now starting to find their way and are ready to reclaim the La Liga trophy from Real Madrid.