MMA Training Camp

I try to remember MMA training camp – and I can’t. I ask again: “When did it become know that I had a fight with him?” And I thought I might have come out on short notice. But Mark says, “Bro, two months. You trained for him for two months. ” Even after a while, the memory did not return. The doctor asked what day it was, I strained all my strength and could not remember. Said: “September, December.”

Flying Knee is a special joker in Corey’s deck. There is no other fighter on the current UFC roster who takes this shot as fast, timely, and accurate. He takes off from him like a combat fighter from behind the mountain. Strengthening this technique is Sandhagen’s significant height advantage over the division average. Corey is 180cm, and the average UFC bantamweights are 168-172cm. When you have such a height advantage, you can hit your knee like an uppercut.

I must say that the flying knee itself is a very inertial, super dynamic and dangerous blow, no matter who is performing it. No wonder the fastest knockout in UFC sport history was formalized with this particular technique. Jorge Masvidal almost killed Ben Askren already in the 5th second of the fight (although, in fact, the finish took place even in the 2-3rd seconds).

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The fact that such extremely fast knockouts are formed precisely with a flying knee is easily explained. The fighters begin the battle with a quick approach, which in the case of this blow can be used as a runaway. It is extremely difficult to knock out with a hand from such a linear run, it is also not easy to adjust to a kick, but a flying knee is the most dynamically suitable maneuver. Successful delivery of this blow depends on many factors – distance, athleticism, position, timing and anthropometric indicators.

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