Pacquiao in Iron Congressman

Pacquiao in Iron Congressman from 2008 to 2011, Manny skated through four weight categories. Marquez and David Diaz at junior lightweight title. Remaining on the stool between rounds, Oscar De La Hoya. Ricky Hatton is light welterweight. Welterweight was Miguel Cotto torn to shreds, Antonio Margarito almost without an eye, another victory over Marquez and Shane Mosley.

The result was obvious boxing superstar status, millions of dollars in bank accounts, and winning congressional elections. And if Manny got into the House of Representatives only the second time, bribing voters with rice and fried chicken (well, everyone does that), then in the battle for a seat in the Philippines Congress, he simply destroyed the main competitor with a two-fold majority of votes. Really the Iron Congressman and the Fist of the Nation.

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Pacquiao, 27 – Trilogy with Morales

Eric Morales defeated Pacquiao in the first sports fight. He outboxed, controlled the rhythm, cut, hit the body to slow down, and in the 12th round he became so insolent that he got left-handed and went into exchange. And Manny nearly finished him off, but ended up losing by unanimous decision.

Coach Freddie Roach promised that Pacquiao would destroy Morales with a “beckoning ice” blow, then he began to invent something else … The Filipino really at that time was building up not only power, but also gaining more punches and movements in his arsenal.

His potential became noticeable after the rematch with Morales. After giving up the first half of the battle, Manny turned on with dagger strikes, counter, towards, the most brutal attacks in the torso of Morales, a series in the head. In the 10th round, the Mexican was on the floor.

Fifth fight? Juan Manuel Márquez knew that his triumphant fourth fight would go down in history. The fifth can spoil the experience. And of course Manny can win again. Before Pacquiao faced Floyd Mayweather, Marquez had already retired.

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