Pacquiao US Debut at 22

Pacquiao US debut at 22 in 2001. It was Lelo Ledvaba, the champion who defended his belt for the sixth time. Pacquiao agreed to the fight after learning about him two weeks before. Three knockdowns of the Leadwabs, knockout in the sixth round. A funny hairstyle, hair in places in a yellow-red color, a lot of aggression and pressure, all in combination with his left-handed stance and speed – very unpleasant.

It became even more unpleasant later when Freddie Roach realized that the Filipino could grow into a real monster, and he went to Marco Antonio Barrera to defeat and stop him, then to Juan Manuel Marquez and Morales.

Manny already had a promotional contract with Arum, but Oscar De La Hoya decided to intercept him. Oscar arrived at the airport, showed the Filipino a suitcase full of cash, and he did not think very long. Then there was the trial, which returned to Manny Arum, but the sediment, as they say, remained with everyone.

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Pacquiao, 20, loses title

This was not his first defeat. But Manny lost his sports championship belt, his first. Medgoen Singsurat made weight, but Manny didn’t. Singsurat hit the body, but Pacquiao didn’t. The dance was collected and closed, occupied the center of the ring and pressed. In the third round, after another blow to the torso, Manny folded up and stayed there.

Big Daddy Honey was with a Filipino of the same age, but much more experienced and, in fact, already an established fighter. Manny is not. In total, he spent 80 fights in boxing, rarely traveled outside of Thailand and retired in 2011.

I wonder if a voice from above urged Manny to leave boxing after his defeat or did it start later, in the USA? Rustico Torrecampo, who had defeated Manny a couple of years earlier, could hardly be considered a professional fighter. He worked wherever he could, at boxing shows most often he helped to collect and clean the ring.

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