The Most Profitable Movies of All Time

Many people know that Avatar is one the biggest earner film in the entire world and just after that Titanic is situated in the second position. But if you think these are the most profitable movies of all time, then you are wrong about it. We always define the profit based on the gain against investment, and here I am sharing some of the movies that made the maximum profit to their producers.

Paranormal Activity: Oren Peli wrote and directed the movie, and this small budget movie sits on the top of this list. The total amount for this film was only $ 450,000, and this movie grossed more than $89 million. This earning may not sound much if you compare it with some of the biggest grosser, but its ROI was close 19750 percent that makes it the most favorite movie of all time.

The Devil Inside: When director William Brent Bell worked on this film, then he hoped to get the success similar to paranormal activity, and they got that as well. The budget for this film was merely one million dollar yet this movie was able to generate more than $37 million dollars. Without any doubt, this makes it one of the most profitable movies of all time.

God’s Not Dead: This small budget movie was there in the theater for more than 20 weeks that is a record in itself and over its long run, the movie was able to gross above 31 million dollars. That is a huge hit considered this film had a tiny budget that was slightly more than 1million dollars. In fact, even the makers of this movie were not expecting such enormous success from this flick.

Paranormal Activity 2: In Hollywood, if you get a huge hit with a small budget, then a sequel of that movie is inevitable. Paranormal Activity carried the legacy of its previous version and it terrified people on the screen but made all the producers euphoric. The total budget for this movie was 3 million dollars, and this films grossed more than 77 million dollars in the theaters. That makes it a hugely profitable film for its producers.

Grease: This is an American classic that was released in 1978, but it still looks and feels fresh for the audience. In fact, many people still pay to watch this movie, and this was one of the most profitable movies of all time. The total budget for this film was 6 million dollars, which was huge at that point, but it collected more than 180million in return. So, they had a huge budget for the movie, but it made a huge profit as well, and that is why this film is sitting on this list.

These are only a few examples of the movies that made huge money with a small budget, and if you look more, you will be able to find many other names as well. So, next time when you think about the most profitable movies, make sure you do not confuse yourself with the biggest grosser movies. If you are inspired to make money in the entertainment industry, visit 67 steps Tai Lopez to learn about building a profitable business and life.