Questions to Robbie

Questions to Robbie about MMA: why do you rarely do interviews? It’s 2021, today sports are built on media.

I’m from the old school. I just go out and fight.

My favorite fight of yours is a rematch with Rory MacDonald. What memories do you have of him?

Good fight. I spent probably the best camp in my life for him. If you look at how I felt, how my body worked.

When you smashed him at the end of the 4th round of sports fight, he was bleeding, did you feel that his end was near? The main thing for me is that I felt good then.

But this iconic moment when you look each other in the eyes after the gong?

At that moment, I made it clear to him: “How much longer will you run from me?” That’s what I was thinking then: “Are you going to run, or are we going to fight?” Although we didn’t say a word to each other.

At that moment, did you realize that you were about to finish it?

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I do not know. I just felt good.

Immediately after the fight with MacDonald, Thomas launched the first fight with Diaz in Fight Pass. Robbie was immersed in memories.

“I hadn’t watched this fight in 16 years. At that time, I didn’t know anything about him [Diaz], I didn’t do any homework. Live, he seems much higher than 183 cm. During the fight, he constantly spoke to me: “Come on, come here,” something like that. Tried to knock me out of myself. Did I expect such pressure from him? I didn’t expect anything. I just go out and fight.

He [Diaz] has never changed, still the same style. He honed this style, but it’s all the same. In our fight, he tricked me much more than I did, he did the whole topic better. In general, my style is such that I like to hit when my opponents are making feints. I catch them in these gaps. But here he hit cleanly. I showed everyone: “I’m fine. OK”. (Laughs.) After the fight, Mike Tyson came up to me, we shook hands, he said that I fought too emotionally. And if you watch this fight, I fought like that – with evil. “

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