Revolution Is Coming in MMA

A revolution is coming in MMA as new leagues based on the “football model” will appear. They can squeeze the UFC. Dana White seems to have cause for concern.
Who invented it

A couple of days ago, well-known insider Ariel Helwani announced on Twitter that a new league will soon appear that will “shake up the entire MMA sport industry.” Then the MMA Fighting portal (Helvani is now working for him) announced the creation of the World Fight League (WFL), and a press release came to our editorial office, which states that in 2023 the Brave Combat Federation promotion will launch the Brave National League (BNL).

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The leagues are different, but the organizational models are very similar. There are three options for development: either confusion will begin, because of which the leagues will sink each other, or there will be fierce competition, thanks to which both the WFL and BNL will make significant progress, or both leagues will work in a sluggish mode and will not be able to shake the current one. balance of power in MMA. The owners of the WFL are still unknown, but BNL is a Bahraini story: the Brave CF promotion is run by Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad al-Khalifa, as well as businessman Mohammed Shaheen.

In the MMA Hour program, Helvani said that the WFL has been operating since 2020; and as a legal entity it was created last May. “The group is made up of several former / current professional athletes from the NFL, NBA; and MMA world, including several world MMA champions; five former respected MMA promoters, former MMA executives, actors and musicians,” Helvani said.

WFL and BNL declare that there are groups of large investors who will not invest in any promotion, event or duel, but in the entire industry.

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