Rounds That Pacquiao Won

It is still interesting for some to argue how many rounds that Pacquiao won in a fight, two or five, but this is no longer important. The best boxer in the world at that time proved that he was the best, and he did it in much the same way as he always did. But the sediment remained, and for about a couple of years everyone remembered the “Fight of the Century” with visible irritation.

Many also disliked Manny’s statements about gays and the fact that, together with Philippine President Duterte, he defended the death penalty with words like “in the Bible, God allows rulers to resort to the death penalty, even Jesus Christ was executed.” Some of the sponsors even broke contracts with him. Not because of Jesus, because of the gay people.

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Pacquiao, 33, knocked out by Marquez

This was the fourth sports fight and it was probably the most ferocious since their first meeting in 2004. Juan Manuel Márquez couldn’t win, but in the end he caught up with Manny, struck his right hand standing at the ropes, but was it a coincidence, luck, Marquez’s new medications, or the mistake of a self-confident Filipino? I would venture to suggest that all this is together.

Before Floyd Mayweather, Manny looked worst against two rivals – Bradley and Marquez. Both tried to work against Pacquiao with the second number; and at first they let him lean on the target, start hitting combinations; and only then counterattacked, and then lured him again, pulled Manny towards himself. Yes, it took Márquez 37 rounds to send his opponent to the floor, but in the end he did it.

Pacquiao began to repeat himself, and on this he was caught by Marquez; who, in four fights, learned to predict in about half the cases what Pacquiao would do. Three knockdowns for two, the broken face of Marquez, but now in a moment; and Manny is lying on the floor of the ring, and he can already be chalked, he does not move. Someone from the photographers wants to take a bigger picture, and Buboy Fernandez, Pacquiao’s corner, starts a fight with him …

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