Fifth Round in Rory VS Lawler

Fifth round in Rory VS Lawler – “Round five was pure survival mode. I could not really move, but he continued to feed me with the left straight line. The blows hit the nose, and the pain was very severe. Already in the second round, I realized that my nose was broken – I felt it broken and inside it gushed like a tap. Due to worries about my nose in the fifth round, I was attacked by panic, severe anxiety. The damage frightened me.

Because of this, I could not relax. And this last left straight line … I just gave up. Although it would be nice if the referee let Robbie climb on me with GNP. Then I could still tie it up and put on the guard. In my guard, even in this state, I was 100% sure. But the referee – I think it was John McCarthy – decided that I had had enough. “

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Thoughts about the battle, the consequences of the battle, a terrible flight to the mother, when on the plane the whole body was flattened from pain and pressure

“Was I more mentally or physically broken? Mentally. Although a good physical shape would help me a lot. When your cardio is in order, when your body is hardened by hard work, it helps a lot. This is actually a gigantic piece of strength. But in battle, I first of all broke down mentally – panic, fear, inability to relax, fear of damage and injury, nervousness … I could not focus. What if you were injured in battle? Don’t let panic and fear take over you.

In my UFC sports fight with Douglas Lima, I was able to control my fear. And in this I was helped by the experience of the fight with Robbie. I remember how Douglas dropped me with a low kick and continued to hit his legs from above while I lay. I had a fit of fear, and I started talking to myself at that moment: “Now you can break down, or you can shut up the fear and show persistence.” And I chose the latter.

How Rory Turn the Tide in Third Round and Nearly Finish Lawler

How Rory turn the tide in third round and nearly finish Lawler – “By the third round, he had already completely taken the rhythm and the fight itself, when suddenly I noticed something. He parried my right straight with his back left hand and tilted his head to the side, leading it behind my right straight. Then I realized that I needed to throw a false right straight and hit a right high kick. And so I did – hit and shook him.

I immediately picked up the pace, tried to finish him, pressed him to the net, but then the round ended. And then the following happened – I was tired. Because I did not prepare well for a fight, I was not in some kind of super form. In the fourth round, I decided that I would try to catch him again with the same combination – a false right cross and a right hikik.

And he got caught again, I got very excited and put everything on the finish line. But he kept cool under the blows and recovered surprisingly quickly. By the end of the fourth round, I was already very tired, my nose was running like a pipe. Legs became wadded. And there was something else – he felt the blood in the water like a shark. I felt that it was mentally breaking me, and I felt it – and became very nervous. By the end of the round, he pinned me down, my legs did not walk at all, and I could not fight, because I did not develop a fight in the camp. “

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On the iconic duel of views after the fourth round

“I remember that I was insanely tired and thought only about how to quickly sit on a chair and breathe. But he walked at me and looked into my eyes. And I remembered that he was also approaching Johnny Hendrix in the last ufc sports fight. Then I decided that I would not let him break me with a glance. And he went to him himself. At that moment, more than anything else, I wanted to sit on a chair and breathe, but I could not give in to him, I could not lose the mental war.

Rory Approached Battle Without a Game Plan

Rory approached battle without a game plan – because he was self-confident, and his head was busy with a relationship with a girl

“I had no game plan for this fight,” MacDonald begins telling about that evening on his YouTube channel Rory Macdonald. – I hardly worked on the fight. I was confident in my skills, it seemed to me that I can do everything and will beat Robbie everywhere. When I took off, I began to rise in the rankings, people began to recognize me and give attention, my former modesty disappeared.

I became arrogant. In addition, then my head was busy with something else – I was soaring about a relationship with a girl, there was a lot of negativity … It’s all, of course, strange – to go out to a title fight without a game plan, but that was how it was. Robbie, it seemed to me, was ready to fight to the death. Me not. My mentality was: “There will be a new fight, a new day, new chances.” And he was ready to die. “

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First two rounds

Rory had never practiced inclines by that time and did not know what to do when he was constantly hit on the head.

“I remember just before the start of the first round I had some kind of blur in my head. There was no focus, I was hovering somewhere. But in my muscle memory I managed to establish a favorable distance, it seemed to me that I took the round on points. The second round was going well, but in about a minute and a half he broke my nose. His left straight lines began to come in. Left straight, left straight, left straight.

I remember not knowing what to do. At that time, I did not train inclinations with my head, I did not know how to do it. He found a rhythm and broke me with a straight left. In 90 seconds, he broke my nose and caused serious damage. I began to make desperate passes to the legs, unprepared, and he easily defended himself. I didn’t know what to do, where to look for a solution; it seemed to me that he was entering and leaving the distance too quickly ”.

Nevertheless, MacDonald wanted to remember that terrible evening on July 11, 2015 and its aftermath. Here is Rory’s amazing story about the second ufc sports fight with Robbie Lawler in chronological order – from the layouts before the fight to the mental breakdown in the fifth round and the terrible flight home to his mother after the fight ..

The Lawler Massacre and Its Aftermath

The Lawler massacre and its aftermath – “On the plane, my body was flattened, I couldn’t open my mouth.” Rory MacDonald recalls

More interesting than any movie.

July 11 marks exactly 6 years since Robbie Lawler and Rory MacDonald joined hands to create one of the greatest bloody canon fights in UFC history. This fight stands out for its special drama even within the genre of massacres, because it ended with a pronounced mental breakdown of one of its participants.

As a rule, if a real epic flares up at the level of a title fight (Jones – Gustafsson, Aldo – Mendes 2, Figueiredo – Moreno), then each of the rivals reaches the very end of the mental spectrum, beyond which there is only death. However, in the case of Lawler and MacDonald, one of the parties did not want to die. This side turned out to be 26-year-old Rory: in the fifth round; the Canadian just slid to the canvas after a slight left straight; which fell straight into the epicenter of damage – a broken nose. It is a very rare occurrence for battles of this level when a fighter; albeit one who has already taken gigantic damage; simply curls up in the center of the octagon, showing that he has had enough.

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Young Man

Despite the young and flourishing age for MMA sports – 26 years – the second fight with Robbie Lawler was for Rory, in fact, the end of the best cycle in his career. Then he will lose another fight in the UFC to Stephen Thompson; and then he will go to Bellator, where; although he will win the belt, it will all be wrong (and; even Rory’s time at Bellator can hardly be called brilliant – a record 3-2-1 , lost revenge to Lima; lack of any real progress as a fighter, etc.).

The current Rory is not very similar to the one who fought with Robbie Lawler; going into religion taught him philanthropy (fans note that the Canadian even lost his trademark maniac look; and after the fight with John Fitch; he completely stated that he no longer has desire to destroy rivals), and defeat – modesty. The Canadian now also has two children; and a beautiful wife – the image of a mental maniac with an icy look no longer suits him.

Alexey Oleinik Is Close to Being Fired From the UFC

Alexey Oleinik is close to being fired from the UFC – Oleinik squeezed everything out of himself, but lost. Alexey Oleinik has been performing since 1996 and had never lost three times in a row before this UFC tournament in Las Vegas. Now it has happened.

Oleinik, according to him, many times refused to fight with fighters from the CIS, this time there was no opportunity to refuse. Sergei Spivak, a month before the fight, said in an interview with the Vestnik MMA YouTube channel that Oleinik would be immediately dismissed from the UFC sports if he refused. Oleinik in an interview with SE did not confirm this, but did not deny it either. “I was told harshly that I needed to go to the battle,” he said.

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Starting Move

Oleinik started the fight with a low kick and then turned on the bounty hunter mode. He attacked with sweeping punches with his arms, driving Spivak from one corner of the octagon to another. Sergei threw counter blows, hit, but Oleinik did not slow down. Alexey is anti-technical in the stand, but with clumsy punches he caused problems to Fabrice Werdum, Travis Brown, and even Alistair Overeem. Spivak also had a difficult time. A minute before the break, Oleinik dragged his opponent to the ground and tried to make a signature move – a diaphragm. It didn’t work out, but Alexey remained in a winning position, in which he finished the round.

Oleinik, already tired, rushed forward at the beginning of the second round, but Spivak worked competently on the retreat. Having approached, Alexey decided to transfer the opponent to the ground. The attempt ended in complete failure – Spivak was on top and began to smash the veteran. Then the Moldavian fighter tried to finish Oleinik with a trick (first with the likeness of D’Arce, and then with a guillotine). This led to the fact that Sergei lost a good position, and Alexei climbed into a full mount. Oleinik again went to the diaphragm. But almost immediately a siren sounded – Oleinik simply did not have enough time to complete the reception. The grip was strong.

AMC Fight Nights 102 Tournament

The AMC Fight Nights 102 tournament was held In Krasnoyarsk, where two fights stood out – Vyacheslav Vasilevsky against David Barkhudaryan (middle weight) and Armen Petrosyan against Hasan Yusefi (for the light heavyweight title). – Failure of Vasilevsky

Experienced Vasilevsky (35-9) was considered the favorite in the fight against 25-year-old Barkhudaryan (13-3). However, in the previous fight, in February of this year, David simply did not feel the Brazilian Marcio Santos, who gave an equal fight to Alexander Shlemenko a month ago. The Krasnodar Armenian dealt with him in two minutes, dropping him several times and eventually knocking him out. Barkhudaryan has bombs in his hands. And in a duel with Vasilevsky, he proved that he was very dangerous in a standing position. It all ended in the first round. David hooked Slava with his left hooks, then knocked him down and began to finish. The referee justly stopped the fight.


“Well, I got it,” Barkhudaryan told reporters after the fight. – He saw that I hooked him – he sat down on his ass, and I began to finish. But he is the legend of our sport. Thank you for coming against me in the octagon. It was the most important victory of my career. “

When asked if he would like to fight Shlemenko, David replied: “He is also from Russia, and I respect Alexander. I don’t want to fight him. My wish is to fight an American, and then for the title. I am the first applicant. “

Fight Nights President Kamil Hajiyev in an interview with SE noted that it would be interesting for him to look at the opposition of the drummers – Barkhudaryan versus Vladimir Mineev. But while Mineev has another rival – in October he should go against Magomed Ismailov. The exact date of their fight has yet to be confirmed.

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Apset Yousefi

The choice of an opponent for the world pro Muay Thai champion Armen Petrosyan (4-1) seemed strange. The most serious fighter, who was defeat by Hasan Yousefi (7-4), is Dmitry Smolyako. It was in September 2019, and after that – until the mma sports tournament in Krasnoyarsk – the Iranian did not enter the cage.

Khabib Nurmagomedov Answering Journalist Questions

Khabib Nurmagomedov Answering Journalist Questions – You know, the word “miss you” will probably haunt me for twenty years, if not more. Of course, you miss this energy. When you go out to the octagon, when you ride weight, when at press conferences. You will not be able to feel such emotions anywhere else, this is a real influx of different feelings. I don’t really miss the press conferences myself, but this process of elimination, the process of the fight, when we are taken to the arena, when we are waiting for a couple of hours – this process is very memorable.

About your favorite press conference

What conference would you celebrate? They were all different … I am watching some conferences, interviews now, and it is somehow uncomfortable for me to even watch them. I would like to mention the ufc sports press conference in London with Dustin Poirier. We flew there – he was alone, I was alone, there was no one else. And in Vegas, New York, when there were press conferences, you arrive with the team, the opponent is with the team. And in London we had our first press conference, face that face, I am alone, I see – he also flew in alone. Some of this energy was … a zone that I had never felt before. A press conference was held with respect.

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How he felt sorry for his rivals

I think my last opponent is Justin Gaethje. You can also mention Michael Johnson. When I took him on the painful arm – on the kimura: I could break his arm and two or three times told him to surrender. I did it carefully. Because it is so painful that if the arm breaks after it, then it no longer recovers. I understood this – and did it carefully. I realized that he was caught, so I twisted it carefully.

And with Justin, I first went to the submission arm, and then switched to the triangle. I realized that he would not give up. I didn’t want to cripple his hand and went over to the triangle – because he had parents there [in the hall], his father and mother were sitting in the first row. This is not visible on the video, but when I entered [the cage], then [saw] they were sitting in the first row, looking at me. I didn’t want to cripple him.