The MMA Kick

The MMA kick begins with a step, transferring weight to the front leg. When this distance is not enough for us, we tear off the supporting leg in the jump. When hitting, it is very important to protrude the pelvis forward. If the pelvis stays behind when hitting, there will be no accent, it will just be a push. The knee kicks in from a longer distance. If you extend with your hand, you will not reach your opponent with it. Hit with your right knee, lift off your left supporting leg, bring out your pelvis, add your left knee. “

“If you hit with this knee, then the heel should reach as much as possible to the buttock,” said Surodeev on the Youbube-channel bloodandsweatmma. – What is it for? You need to hit not with the kneecap – many sports beginners have this mistake – but with the thigh bone. And this bone sharpens most of all, precisely when you pull the heel.

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And if you are still good at extending your pelvis forward, you bring your knee forward as much as possible and hit hard and with the necessary place. The more you shoot the pelvis forward, up to an unpleasant sensation in the back, in the lower back, the sharper the knee will be. The less you give out the pelvis, the more blow will be on the kneecap. And it hurts a lot. How to protect yourself from the knee? Overlap with hands, twist the body, if you don’t want to give up the position, some put their hands up, but it’s dangerous. “

“I would like to offer three varieties of the flying knee,” Varga said on his Youtube channel Gabriel Varga. – Each type requires a different distance. The first variety is tied to a long distance. You stand at a distance from which whatever blow you strike, it should not reach.

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