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Thankfully for him, he's now won an Oscar so these gags are now much happier. Thus, Divi can be a great theme for starting your personal/ professional blog. Taken from this comic about Winnie-the-Pooh. Viruses spread in the form of an ask telling someone to "test out their new game on their blog" with their icon as some sort of stock image have been popping up and many people have created parodies and hilarious responses to such obvious viruses. Tagging actual nsfw content is therefore just courtesy, and the joke wouldn't make much sense without. With an option to showcase a full-width video or featured image, this theme allows you to flaunt your videos and articles in a very impressive manner. . Sausage Party note An R-rated animated film about sentient food. Clarke the husband, Lexa the wife and Fish the dog note Tumblr user clarkegriffintexts posted a fictional convo between the fictional characters Clarke and Lexa from the TV show The 100, which depicted an alternate universe in which. Scuttlebug/Scuttlebug raising note A major part of the challenge is transporting a Scuttlebug to a door in the area by getting hit by it and moving its "home then abusing game mechanics to make it levitate, all so a Goomba Springboard can be performed later. Keep scrolling." note Comments on image posts where the image contains a person or character staring directly at the camera, usually with contempt and/or something creepy, like a skeleton (which usually ties into the skeleton war stuff) "Advanced Country/Screaming Cowboy"note. This quickly went viral on Facebook, with people assuming that these were real people and that Clarke was a man. It has an advanced theme options panel from where you can easily configure and customize site settings and overall site design. The phrase is itself a subject of deep controversy, as many see it as unjust harassment while others see it as karmic trolling, but the less said about that, the better. This exchange between an OTP : X: I lost my dear spouse.

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Because his face was free of sweat while literally all the other runners were clearly exhausted, people reblogged the heck out. The combination is not because the works are related, but because they're all considered Snark Bait on Tumblr; Bee Movie (for " beestiality itself a running joke on Tumblr Shrek (due to Shrek being a Memetic Molester Johnny Test. Example, "when boys give you a cute nickname followed by a picture of Ron create visiting card online free Burgundy and his phrase "Tits McGee". We're saved!" note A clip from the Adventures of Tintin episode "Prisoners of the Sun" that tends to get reblogged on the fifteenth of every month. This makes sure that some versions of Chrome browser will not mark the site as Not Secure. newspaper tumblr theme


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