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to be the new primary email account. This email will be added to the list of emails that are linked to your Facebook. Doing so will change your Facebook name. Acquaintances you like, but with whom you have limited interaction. 6 Click the radio button to select your primary email. Did this summary help you? Unanswered Questions I recently bought an "Open Box" notebook computer that had the previous "owner's" Facebook account still installed. 7 Click Review Change. I simply want to erase some info attached. 11, tap Primary Email to switch your primary email. 10 Choose your primary email. 10, tap Remove to delete an email. 7 Click on the "Add another email or mobile number" link (optional). The following twenty-four hours were a constant flood of birthday wishes, and more than a few were from people that I couldn't even recall how we knew each other or why we were connected on Facebook. Clicking it brings up a pop-up menu.

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Another option is if you have your phone number on your account you could access it on your phone with your phone number. In fact, a new report by Facebook confirms that their platform - along with other social media platforms - can go beyond feeling like a chore to actually being harmful to our mental health. I am trying to put in an email address and it's saying it is already in use. Did I have the time to write all of change birthday on facebook those messages with everything else I needed to get done? But for users, they have become far more like a chore than a way to celebrate a special day with a loved one. Answer this question Flag. You could use these tips to try changing the email address with which the account is associated, or try changing the email login to a telephone one. Did I try to thank each person individually for wishing me a happy birthday? Question How do I get back into my Facebook account when I already changed my email?

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change birthday on facebook It's a dark-blue app with a white "f". 3, scroll down and tap Settings. Facebook will display variations of your name at the top of the page; click an option to select it as your name's appearance. How do I erase my maiden name that is displayed with my real name? When it becomes a burden, feels like a chore, or leaves us feeling depressed?