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more, mXQR, new slide how do you write on a picture in word table offers total flexibility and real cost saving benefits. Similar in design to the MXS series, the MXQ incorporates a more precise bearing and slide table. This slide is capable of achieving parallelism within.02mm and non-rotation accuracy as low.03 degrees. Benefits and Features At-a-Glance, all NB crossed roller tables feature a bed, table, and cross roller rail mechanism that have been precisely engineered to work together. The SYT/syts type is a thin, compact slide table. Anti Cage Creep Crossed Roller Table Presentation Video. These options include a symmetric style, stroke adjusters, axial piping and auto switches. Extremely accurate, due to its high travelling parallelism, the slide table is particularly useful in applications involving transport and positioning and in limited space applications like dispensers. The MXQ precision slide is ideal for applications requiring closely held parallelism and perpendicular specifications. The rigid table makes the MXW ideal for precise transfer of loads. However, with our new Series mxqr, this issue is now a thing of the past as this innovative range of slide tables is completely reversible? SYT compact crossed roller slide tables, which are the thinner version of the SVT crossed roller product, designed for compact equipment that requires reduced weight and space.


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Following the success of our popular Series MXQ Air slide in table Slide Table, our R D experts have developed this product even further with the launch of our new, completely reversible, Series mxqr. In addition to the above products, we can machine a customized crossed roller table to meet the requirements of your project, whether they involve adding a micrometer head or making any other adjustment to our basic designs. Categories and Configurations, the above benefits are complemented by a diverse product line that offers purpose-built equipment for specific applications. The MXY series is a long-stroke type of the series MXP air slide table. You can also find detailed product listings and specifications by downloading the catalog. Direct mounting of auto switches on 3 surfaces.
In addition, there are many other standard options that include, shock absorbers, end lock, axial piping, and buffer. Nvts anti-creep crossed roller tables, which contain all the features and functionality of the NVT product but use a combination stainless steel/resin (NVS-type) bearings, as well as an aluminum table and bed, for installation in corrosive or clean room environments. The actuator is equipped with location holes for quick meal planning menu template and easy mounting changes of tools or fixtures. Air Slide Table, Double Acting, high rigidity in a compact and lightweight design.

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  1. Bore sizes (mm 12, 16, 20,25 Learn more. This new model incorporates a highly rigid linear guide, which generates increased allowable momentum of up to 240 and makes it suitable for use in applications where the workpiece is a long distance away.
  2. Lower friction thanks to a non-recirculating mechanism that stabilizes performance across a wide spectrum of speeds. In the svts type, the anti-corrosion SVS type slide WAY is sandwiched between an accurately machined aluminum table and bed. Stoppers are provided inside the table. The MXS accomplishes this. .
  3. The NVT type slide table incorporates the NV type slide WAY. The precision slide table has a machined guide with very tight tolerances that operates in conjunction with highly accurate recirculating ball bearings. Strokes up to customer service experience examples for resume 50 mm, bumper cushion, port location selectable.
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  5. Clean specification styles are available with no dimensional changes. . Bore sizes (mm 12, 16, 20,25. Actuators guided Actuators, slide Table, mXZ.
slide in table