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States - Wikipedia Country List by Geographical Regions - Internet World A geographic location code (GLC) is an alphanumeric code that Federal agencies use to identify geographic location. Use of these codes facilitates the interchange of data between Federal agencies, state and local groups. Updated list of geographic centers. Although there have been different definitions offered for the geographic center, an intuitive one, and one used by the usgs, is the center of gravity of the surface, or that point on which the surface. Click here for Country List by Geographical RegionsUN. Click here for Countries by Alphabetic Order. Click here for Global Innovation Index (GII Ranking) Geographical Group Composition of world regions and sub-regions is based on the United Nations Statistical Division groupings, revised The marc Code List for Geographic Areas consists of a list of geographic areas. Marc Code List for Geographic Areas (Library of Congress) Geographical Location Codes - Bing Ads Microsoft Docs The list includes separate codes for countries, first order political divisions of some countries, regions, geographic features, outre space, and celestial bodies. 3/1/2019; 2 minutes to read; Contributors. Geographical locations data can be used to for Location Targeting.g. Show ads to people in a specific country/region, state/province, county, metro area (Nielsen DMA in the United States postal code, or city. You can call the GetGeoLocationsFileUrl operation to get a temporary file URL that can. Geographic location refers to a position on the Earth. Your absolute geographic location is defined by two coordinates, longitude and latitude.


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