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Questions every good.NET developer

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2 Unlimited Do What Is Good For.
  1. Good Catch or Near Miss?
  2. Christopher Rush, MBA, FDA Quality Regulatory Consultants, LLC (USA). You're going to use your answer to this question to let your hiring manager or an HR interviewer know how well you've scoped out the assignment.
  3. Today must be his lucky day! How many times have you heard that in your career? Chances are, just reading that sentence conjures a vivid memory of a workplace occurrence youve seen that could have been catastrophic.
  4. How does that square with your thinking? (Functional programming) Create a function that accepts another function as a parameter.
Volatiles and weak references are two low-level features provided.NET - even if these features aren't used often in practice, answers to these questions are extremely revealing: A good understanding fifties party ideas of volatiles demonstrates that a person understands how compiler optimizations. Q: Why would anyone need to implement their own hashtable or linked list? A: Because the title of this thread is "questions every good.NET developer should know". You'll start your answer by sharing what you know about the job opening and in particular, your hypothesis about the type.