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Salary In, agriculture, you may choose a job career after bsc agriculture in the Government or private sector. If interested you may go in for further studies and obtain. Agriculture to further your career. The choices in this are clearly split between the Government and the private sector jobs. Jobs after in Agriculture - Entrance Exam After doing BSc, agriculture, one may also go for MSc. Agriculture and take up a teaching job, or even go for a PhD and build a career in, agricultural, research. About the Author: Harish Sharma is the chro (Chief Human Resource Officer Crystal Crop Protection. Government Sector jobs after in, agriculture. Job Prospects Abroad after in Agriculture. Agriculture is an emerging field in most of the foreign countries. Aspirants in this field have great career scope abroad.

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Micro Biology, crop Production, plant Physiology, soil Conservation. It will be also advantageous if you study Mathematics as well at the Class 12 level. The field of food science and technology deals with the manufacturing, processing, treatment, preservation, and distribution of food. Plant biotechnology is itself a very exciting area of specialization with excellent career prospects. Aspirants who have completed this degree can work in design and manufacture of agricultural machinery, in irrigation, drainage, etc. Upon graduation or post-graduation in agriculture, there are ample opportunities in teaching, research and transfer of technology areas in icar, State Agricultural Universities, State Departments of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry and NGOs. If for some reason, you want to do something outside the agriculture and food sector, you can always switch to textiles and fibre sectors as well. A major part of the Indian economy is driven by agriculture. Plant scientists (and biotechnologists) apply sophisticated biochemical and genetic technologies to improve the nutritional value of crops and quality of seeds used to grow them. The field combines the natural and social sciences, along with economics, engineering and management (particularly natural resources management and business management) of biological systems to practice, development and understand the fields of agriculture and forestry. Any snowflake christmas invitations government job that specifies graduation as the required qualification like civil services, defence services, banks etc., the Ag BSc graduates can equally apply like any other graduates. Major activities include improving the quality and quantity of farming, improving crop yield, minimizing labour, conservation of soil and water, and pest control.

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More importantly, the remuneration is quite attractive once you have 2 3 years of experience under your belt. Spice exports from India have been estimated at USD 3 billion. Soil scientists can also find career opportunities in ecology-related roles. Folllowing are the details regarding your carrer opportunities, please read it carefully. Agriculture officer, assistant career after bsc agriculture Plantation Manager, territory Manager, trial coordinator.