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check if a potential tenant has ever been evicted, take a look at credit scores, verify identity and call prior landlords and employers. Credit History This section can be a little difficult to be certain of, but its still prudent to have an applicant list as much financial and credit info as possible. If the Applicant has a Vehicle, then he or she should place a mark in the checkbox after the word Vehicles? Was the applicant ever served a notice to quit or evicted? Include: Information on current address, as well as two previous residences Full address including city, state, and zip Dates of residency (i.e., when did they move in and move out) Owner / Manager, and contact information Reasons for. The security deposit will be returned within a set time if the applicant is denied. The fewer details landlords give, the less basis declined applicants have for unfounded lawsuits. After supplying the specifics regarding his or her Current Employment, the Prospective Tenant should also furnish a report of the same items concerning the last place he or she worked under the heading Previous Employment. The next set of checkboxes Smoking Allowed? The Address where the Residential Property is physically should be produced in this section as well. Previous address information, emergency contacts, employment and income information, background information (This may include questions regarding criminal charges or previous bankruptcies). Did the applicant leave the previous residence clean and in good standing when they vacated? Note: We do still offer the printable rental application template, the original rental application, pDF, but we encourage all landlords and property managers to use the 100 online rental application. The next sections labeled Previous Residence and Previous Landlords has been supplied so the Prospective Tenant can record the second to last place where he or she lived (if applicable). The next area, titled Current Landlord will have four blank spaces Name, Address, Phone, and E-Mail where the Applicant should present the Name, Location, and Contact Information for the Landlord/Property Manager where he or she currently lives. Finally, both you and the applicant can sign and date (along a co-signer if necessary).
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  • Next, the Prospective Tenant should define the Current Lease Expiration Date and to describe why he or she has a Desire For Moving out of his or her Current Residence to the one being applied for. Always advertise in multiple, mass-market websites or circulars, and never, ever describe the perfect tenant. This is to cover the cost of the credit check and should be around 20-30.
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Each landlord will have his or her own rules about smoking or pets within the apartment or house they are renting. 9 This Application Is Not Valid Unless The Applicant Provides A Dated Signature The final required items from the Applicant will be a Signature and Signature Date. Make sure they include: Info for savings and checking accounts, credit card, and auto loan if they have one Institutions at which they have accounts, as well as current balance Authorization for you to run. Here, the Prospective Tenant should supply the name of the Financial Institution that issues the Card on the line labeled Credit Card, the Card and Card Limit on the first three bill of sale ma labeled areas. They should give information for: Name of reference Relationship to applicant Contact info Extended Questions, Authentication, and Signatures The rest of the form can be made up of questions pertinent to the property or related to tenant behavior. Application before signing a, lease Agreement. Using the checkboxes labeled Yes. Remember to save your own file.
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