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day of Lunar New Year. Why Is Easter Late This Year? Can you guess what place did we visit first in Hong Kong? Friday, according to the Employment Ordinance and General Holidays Ordinance, when either Lunar New Years Day, the second day of Lunar New Year or the third day of Lunar New Year falls on a Sunday, the fourth. Federal/National Holidays, mark non-working days, important Observances. Truth be told (this is not a sponsored post or whatsoever I havent experienced any delay every time card calculator hours and minutes time I traveled with them. There you have to pay another. Php550 for the terminal fee for each passenger. The moment we got our bags, the first thing we did is to look for the Hong Kong Tourism Board booth. Pasyalan time na on my next post! The night before our flight, I already availed of their web check-in feature so it could spare us from (my expected) long lines at the counter. With this in mind, I was also excited to discover my luck with their international flights. 1823 Hong Kong Public Holidays iCal Calendar. Maybe I was just scared of not being allowed to leave if anything goes wrong because I think I was the most excited person for this travel. Since we were staying in Tsim Sha Tsui (TST we took the K4 bus going to Homy Inn. Christmas Day, thursday, the first weekday after Christmas Day. After passing this stage, you can go ahead and get all your checked-in baggage from the conveyor. This card allows us to use the Airport Express MTR product life span line and the Airport Express Shuttle Bus free since it is a complimentary service given to those who buy this card. hong kong holiday 2014

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Travel Currency: Where To Exchange? Before going to the boarding gate, my husband and I allure brookfield wi saw a Money Changer booth so we decided to change currencies there.