examples of school newsletters to parents

Dutch security company Een Veilig Gevoel (A Safe Feeling) combines beautiful design with useful content like tips and interviews in this phenomenal publication. JW Pepper The Pepper Playlist This 2018 edition of JW Pepper's Holiday Choral music catalog contains hours worth of music to listen to, highlights videos with conductors, and features numerous music related articles. Use measuring cups when baking or cooking. In this case study, you'll learn how (and why) they use Foleon for all their sales and marketing collateral. Wageningen University Resilience Magazine What is resilience? Startup Delta International Dutch Tech The full-screen background video on the cover sets the tone for this interactive publication full of great images and smooth animations. It's filled with great content and looks ahead to the future of marketing. Find out more Pricing Affordable and transparent pricing options for every type of business. Artsen Zonder Grenzen Magazine #2 This magazine features the unsung heroes of Doctors Without Borders and engages from the start to the end. In this online magazine, the students acquainted with student projects and share some tips for the exams. UC Merced Annual report 2017 UC Merced is a higher education institution and part of the University of California system. Van Beynum Spotlight Online The Van Beynum car group has been in business for nearly a century, yet continues to innovate when it comes to marketing communications. More stories, make your last year of school count and feel great with our Top 10 tips. It's an excellent example of keeping content both visual and snackable. Taalcentrum-VU cntxt Taalcentrum-VUs online magazine cntxt offers its readers a combination of interesting information, useful tips tricks, and absorbing interviews accompanied by professional photography. BBN Buzz magazine This beautiful magazine by BBN is minimalistic and clean. Australia is about to have a hotter summer than usual, so now its important as ever to remember: never leave your kids in the car. The annual how to delete blank rows in excel 2010 school guide is one of the communication tools that parents have at their disposal to help them make the right choice. As they evolve, theyre eager to widen their appeal. SOS Kinderdorpen Annual Report 2017 SOS Kinderdorpen (the Dutch equivalent of SOS Childrens Villages International) uses Foleon to transform the succinct version of their annual report into a beautiful interactive publication. Catharina Hospital Annual report on 2017 Choosing to digitize their annual report allows Catharina Hospital to save on printing costs, extend their reach, ensure they engage users on mobile devices, and collect metrics on the performance of their content. Use a ruler to measure objects around the house in inches or centimeters. IHG IHG B2B Overlays are an elegant alternative to creating entire new pages in your publication. This beautifully designed digital magazine shares 20 stories about research on resilience. KNect365 Industrial IoT World This remarkable event guide inspires readers to visit the worlds largest IoT event, held in the United States. Kpmg Me, my life, my wallet This research report makes a use of eye-catching images, branded content, and statistics to look at the technologically powered world of today and how it's affecting consumers. Headlines UK IC Magazine This masterfully laid out interactive magazine from Headlines UK discusses employee engagement within the world of Formula One racing.
A daily or weekly e-mail of news. Unit/ Module 1 Make up numbers, roll numbers with dice, or find numbers (on labels) and compare them Find numbers and write them in expanded form. 10 ways to prepare for Year 12 like a champ. Make your last year of school count and feel great with our Top 10 tips.
  1. I hope that you will find it informative, interesting and that it gives you a deeper insight into what makes our school so special. Look no further than this sleek one-page brochure from IHG to see some prime examples of overlays. The metrics we can now collect allow us to improve with each edition. You might want to let someone else hold your credit card while you browse this Foleon. Tentoo Handbook for a staff handbook As a knowledge leader, Tentoo has offered PDF white papers for a while now.
  2. NGData confronts them head on in this engaging and educational publication. Their use of background video, inspirational interviews, and interactive maps created a buzz among future inhabitants before the first stone was ever laid. BDO Privacy and the gdpr This well-produced special edition produced by BDO and creative agency Scripta does an incredible job of turning a conventionally dull topic into a piece of content that's engaging and comes to life. Trilux, get Inspired by Light, this inspiring interactive magazine for architects by Trilux features stunning photography from noteworthy lighting projects around the world and expert articles from industry leaders. Find out more Examples Check out beautiful Foleons created by our customers.
  3. Practice scheduling events to determine elapsed time. It offers exclusive insights into best practices, latest trends it's eco-friendly too! Click Here to Read Full Message. Metis Communications Influencer marketing eBook memorial service template word Metis Communications, a strategic communications firm, converted its existing PDF eBook into an interactive publication using Foleon so its team could gather data about how readers engaged with the agencys content. With a spectacular publication created in Foleon, Stayokay demonstrated that they have something for everyone, at the most beautiful locations in the country.
  4. They recently moved their long-running e-zine, an industry staple, from a flippable PDF to an interactive digital format with Foleon. It showcases their product but does so in the context of providing great information and engaging imagery about basketball and the NBA that real fans will want to read.
examples of school newsletters to parents