Fights With O Malley

Fights With O Malley

On the aesthetic side, is it enjoyable to watch fights with O Malley?

Yes. I think anyone is pleased. He fights in a standing position, there is some kind of show … It would be nice to fight him. But I need time. I will also have time to fight with them all. I am young, hungry, I have everything ahead of me.

Peter Jan and top 5

It would be interesting to hear your small review of each sport fighter from the top 5 rating and for the champion. Jose Aldo is now in fifth place.

“I think he’s in excellent condition. He had a good last fight. So I think Aldo is a tough contender for any bantamweight. He has a huge amount of experience. He is probably the most ancient – he started performing earlier than anyone else. I think Jose will still show …

Well, yes, it would seem that his career went downhill, and then bam …

Yes, I did very well.

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Yes, and with Peter Yan he fought pretty well …

Yes Yes.

Number four is Rob Font.

Rob Font … I would describe it like this: a truck that hits hard but gets tired in the later rounds. All pebbles are in the lightest weight. And I associate it with a truck.

Number three is Corey Sandhagen.

Corey is a combination of technique and skill. He’s very technical. True, his struggle is very weak. I think Aljo strangled him. But in the stand, he is very good. Corey vs. Sean O’Malley would be an interesting fight.

Number two is T.J. Dillashaw.

TJ is a former champion … Again, he has been in the division for a long time. It will be hard for everyone with him.

But you said that in the fight with Sandhagen you expected more from him (Dillashaw won by split decision).


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