Franco Feitt – Lifetime Ban for Match Fixing

Argentine tennis player Franco Feitt has been given a lifetime ban by the International Tennis Federation for his role in match fixing. The IFT, or the Independent Television Commission of Sport, decided to suspend Feitt following a finding of six match fixing incidents that took place between him and fellow Frenchman Stefano Pellizzari. The incidents took place during the 2021 U.S. Open in Miami. The suspension does not include the Italian open clay event, which was a men’s singles event. However, the IFT annouce the two players’ roles in each incident as being a match fixing system, specifically one in which Feitt pay Pellizzari to help influence a match.

Franco Feitt

Franco Feitt was given the match fixing penalty following a point loss at the second set in the singles tournament. Feitt, then serving in the tie break, came back out with a serve that nearly won the game for Argentina. After being disqualified for foot fault, Pellizzari then greet the decision of the umpire to deduct two points from his win. The decision, resulting in the deduction of two points from Pellizzari’s win total. This is when the IFT agree to suspend Franco Feitt for life.

The IFT cited two separate incidents as the basis for this decision. Firstly, Franco Feitt had requested a controversial overhand serve in a tournament match. The result of this request was the disqualification of the Argentina participant for a potential breach of the rules. This served as the basis for the lifetime ban.

The IFT claims that it has proof that Pellizzari knew about the match fixing beforehand. This is an argument that, at least in my opinion, lacks merit. How could someone know about something if they didn’t know about it? Further, did the IFT have evidence of improper conduct from any of the players? Again, no evidence. Yet another example of how the world of tennis can sometimes be too cut and dry.

ITIA 2021

In conclusion, it is important to remember that while a world number three might fail to win the match; he or she could have lose the match. This is why it is very important to be able to prove a negative, whether it is innocence or guilt, and not carve into the controversy. The sport of tennis needs to take a stand, and make sure it is firmly committed to stopping match fixing from continuing.

Transgender Women – Unfairness in Sports

Florida lawmakers would limit the rights of transgender women in sports. This might seem like an obvious thing to do considering that a section of the legislature recently passed a bill making it illegal for transgender individuals to use public restrooms.

Transgender Women Rights

Unfortunately, this bill was clear through the legislature without the public’s approval; and may be a violation of the equal protection and right to self-government of all Florida residents. The fact that this bill is currently law makes it possible; for transgender women in Florida to use the ladies’ and men’s restrooms if they so choose. A group called the American College of Sports Medicine; is trying to put pressure on the state of Florida on this matter.

If a transgender woman were to join a competitive athletics team in Florida; she could be asking for competing against women who have had hormonal therapy or surgery to alter their bodies. This could mean the end of a career, along with discrimination. In addition to having a hard time competing against other female competitors; the transgender woman herself would be subjected to all kinds of harassment. Her own teammates and supporters might throw things at her. All this is just not fair to the transgender athlete.

Many transgender women feel that they deserve the same opportunity as male athletes get to be competitive. They participate in male athletics in order to build up strength and self-confidence. They want to compete and live along the same kinds of people whether male and female athletes. Unfortunately, many members of the legislature who are pushing for legislation limiting the rights of transgender women in Florida do not understand why these female athletes should be competing in particular sports.


There is a large group of female endurance athletes, including marathoners, triathletes and track and field competitors who compete for the rights of being a member of same gender. In addition to wanting to be included in athletic competition, many members of the transgender community would also like the right to be included in public life. Many transgender women have been able to start a family because they were able to compete in a sport that allowed them to be visible to the general public.



LA Lakers news: Concern about LeBron’s health

Latest LA Lakers news: Among all sports people, Lakers fans are considered as the most concerned about their team and the player itself. This is because the Lakers are considered to be the number one contenders in the league; and they will be facing tough competition from the defending champion Miami Heat. That is why the team has always given its maximum effort in working out and improving each day. That is why there are many concerns that the health of Lebron James is very much concern. His recent practice schedule indicated that he might be having difficulty in maintaining his high level of physical activity for his upcoming games.

LA Lakers news

There was a LA Lakers news report that stated that Lebron might be experiencing some difficulties in recovering from a torn rotator cuff. This rotator cuff injury might have been a result of Lebron’s activities during the NBA finals. That is why the health of one of the best players in the league is a big issue to the entire team. They might be thinking, how come one of the best players in the league is in constant discomfort.

Anthony Davis, one of the best all-around performers in the NBA, sustained a fracture to his fibula during the team’s run to the NBA finals. That injury forced him to miss the rest of the season. This might be a major blow for the team considering that Kobe Bryant is the leading scorer in the league. The presence of this experienced scoring leader on the team was a huge boost for them to advance to the finals. Hence, their season is already set to be more difficult now.

The Lakers also have another experienced player, Vince Carter, who is now the starting point guard. However, he too is in doubt whether he can stay healthy for the entire season. During his first few weeks as the starter, he showed a lot of promise; but his performance was not able to live up to the expectations of the team and the fans. His shooting and ball handling skills were not as impressive as usual. It is not just the health of the starters that is at stake for the Lakers.

The Lakers do not have any superstars. There is not even anyone that is comparable to Anthony Davis in terms of basketball skills. The team just has a nucleus of very good players that work well together. With all of this, it would be easy for the Lakers to get complacent about their success and to stop improving because they might just end up winning again in the next few years.

LeBron + Davis

But since you asked, “Is there a big concern about Davis’s health,” it is obviously a big question. The Lakers cannot just keep putting up with this. They might lose some of their fans along the way. And that might be the only way for them to get over this once and for all.



Manchester United fined €7,000 by UEFA

The fine was a heavy one to be given to the Manchester United, who could only find themselves tied in fourth place following their draw with eventual champions Chelsea. Nevertheless, the fine is actually a lot less that what the club can afford to pay off, especially if Manchester United fail to win any of their remaining games this season. This is a consequence of the financial problems facing the club following last seasons’ disappointment, when many of its high profile players agree to move on to greener pastures. Among those notable departure were stars like Wayne Rooney, Cole, van der Valk and even Ashley Cole’s son Andy. Without them, United would have been considerably worse off. But in spite of these high profile departures, the club has still managed to hold on to fourth place thanks to a number of successful promotions which saw the likes of Lukewarm, Michael Owen and Ross Wallace join on loan from relegated QPR.

Manchester United

However, despite these good fortune the finances still do not appear to be working in the Manchester United favor, and are now left licking their lips at the prospect of the end of the season. UEFA has fined the club a total of seven million Euros, of which half of it is under suspension until the appeal hearing is due. In addition, interim management has been made responsible for paying the fine to the top officials of the sport. Thus, United are effectively being punished for their poor handling of last season’s finances. In light of this punishment, many observers have compared the fine with a financial tsunami, which could ultimately lead to the dismissal of coach and owner, David Gill.

Such a decision may come as a huge blow to the notoriously complacent United faithful. Fans have traditionally been among the biggest supporters of the club and would go to great lengths to support their team no matter what the circumstances. If there is going to be a change in the way they perceive the club then surely the fans need to get behind their team and pull them through this rough patch. This may be difficult, but the club has done enough in the transfer window to try to mitigate any fallout. They have brought in promising signings like Ashley Young, Luke Shaw, Anderson, Jones, Martial and hopefully they will be able to keep hold of injured players like Valencia and Tevez.

Unfortunately the new stadium has turned out to be a disappointment; and United have actually lost more football games at Old Trafford than at any other ground. The fans have not been good by the club officials; who have let them down with a slow start and poor finish. There has been major unrest over the perceived lack of progress; and the long waiting times for access to the new stadium. Some United fans are even blaming the Premier League for this, as they are demanding; that the governing body to take action against the perceived bad press.


To compound matters even more; the proposed changes to the stadium also mean that the club may lose three of its sixteenth century old fixtures; the famed Old Stand. This is the one thing that most United supporters cherish; along with the memories of all those famous matches that have been ready in the Old Stand; onfulfilling memories for many fans. However, if United fails to show progress soon then the Old Stand could become a distant memory. That’s going to be a big, financial hit for the club and one which will undoubtedly affect the players, the staff and the supporters. Financial matters do not help when you are trying to survive in the game that we call football. It has certainly made things tougher for the club; but it is not as bad as the cancellation of the Stadium renovation project.



NBA Power Rankings 2021 Week 16

The NBA Power Rankings is back for another week. This time, the top six teams in the league will be voted on and you will see who gets a higher number of first place votes. These power rankings were first created back during the season 1990-1991. It took a while for the actual NBA season to conclude but the rankings remained until the start of the current season.

NBA Power Rankings 2021

In these NBA Power Rankings you will see the usual factors that decide which team wins and loses. However, there are some new factors which were introduced recently. For instance, player performance is considered much more significant than usual. Teams are ranked based on their average points per game average. The player’s statistics for the past five years can be seen on the rankings. You will also find out which players have been voted to the top 10.

The players who made the top five last year are getting their deserved spots this year as well. One team has two players in the top five this time around. This is good news for the Pistons, who have missed the playoffs the past three years. Orlando Magic is still the number one team, but they will probably contend with the Pistons.

Week 16

The Los Angeles Lakers is the worst team in the NBA this season. They are not a good match for the defending Eastern Conference champion Boston Celtics. The loss of Kobe Bryant will definitely hurt the Lakers. The loss of Shaquille O’Neal might even be worse, as he is the team’s all time leading scorer.

Atlanta Hawks is the number one team here. They are the best choice for the third seed in the Eastern Conference. Boston Celtics and the Orlando Magic are the other teams fighting for the same two spots in the conference. Miami Heat is the big favorite to win the series in the Eastern Conference.


KIA MVP Ladder – Joel Embiid is back in

How can you expect your Kia MVP Ladder Challenge to dunk like that when it’s been virtually non-existent the entire series? Well, it just so happens that Kia made an enormous change in style. Instead of concentrating on big block dunks, the company is now putting more focus on producing big plays. While it may not seem like much, it’s been enough of a motivator for the Santi and company to find a way to get better.

KIA MVP Ladder

Earlier this year, Kia MVP Ladder released their new line of four-door sedans, the Jazzmaster. What started out as a marketing stunt by a big-time rap artist (who was signed to Kia) quickly spread across the world; as people got a chance to see what a difference having a car like this could make. The company saw how the Jazzmaster was going to help the team with spacing and ball movement; while also making Kia Santi’s drivers more versatile. Now, instead of being limited to the traditional underbody shots that most drivers have been forced to take in the past, the company has upped the ante and expanded their lineup.


Last week, the Jazzmasters hit the courts in an exhibition game against the Orlando Magic. During the game, Kia introduced a new marketing campaign. Rather than showing the typical underbody shot from just last season, the company went all out. Instead, they showed off a new Dunk maneuver that helped the team to attack the basket more efficiently. While it may not seem like much, the Jazzmasters impressed many with their ability to get to the basket and finish in the paint. If they continue to do so, the team has a better chance of contending with teams in the Eastern Conference.

Joel Embiid

While many basketball fans were disappointed when the Jazz were eliminated from the NBA playoff series last year, Kia Sprint customers were certainly not. According to preliminary numbers; they may be even more excited about the prospect of watching the Jazz get back on track. Kia Sprint products are always a good bet when basketball is involved. They are known for being durable and for having top-notch quality. With the new Jazzmaster vehicle, there is even more reason to be optimistic about this year’s team.

The Nets Have No Intention To Take Down Blake Griffin

The Nets Have No Intention To Take Down Blake Griffin. Blake Griffin is officially a part of the Brooklyn Nets team. But until now there is no certainty, when he will wear the new uniform to compete. Steve Nash himself is still waiting until Griffin is completely fit. They are in no rush to take down the former Detroit Pistons star.

The puzzle regarding Griffin’s debut with the Nets has not been answer until now. In fact, he was just not at his best. Because, Griffin just came out of the quarantine room. The contacts made by the NBA, Griffin, were proven to be with people who test positive for Covid-19. He must be quarantine according to NBA health protocols.

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In the press plan after Saturday night’s match. The Nets beat the Detroit Pistons by a score of 100-95. Nash answer media crew questions about Griffin. The young trainer said Griffin would be demote in a week or two, as quote from the @RTNBA twitter account. Nash continue that he was still waiting until Griffin’s physical condition was perfect.

The Nets have not yet field Griffin in the match. They are still in their comfort zone. The Nets are now in second place in the Eastern Conference standings behind the Philadelphia 76ers. They collected 26 wins from 39 matches. So there is a good reason why Griffin is yet to make his debut.

Griffin is not the player project to make up the Nets first team. He will play a role in the second line, with limited playing time. While waiting, Griffin will see DeAndre Jordan and friends playing. Paying attention to all of Nash’s pattern strategies. This is the reason Nash always invites Griffin to sit on the team bench when competing.

The Nets formed to form Griffin as a player to boost their strength in the playoffs later. Griffin himself chooses to remain patient, and wait until the opportunity to play comes. Physical and physical, Griffin does not feel any problems in him.

Ales Caruso Has A Chance To Leave The Lakers

Ales Caruso has a chance to leave The Lakers. The Los Angeles Lakers still have their fangs in the Western Conference, despite struggling in the weeks before the first leg of the 2020-2021 NBA season closes. The Lakers had problems with the fitness of the players, especially the first team. Successive contributions from the bench can make up for these weaknesses. One of them is from Alex Caruso. But there are opportunities that allow Caruso to leave the Lakers when this season ends.

Caruso is still in second line for the Lakers this season, with one year remaining on his contract. In 29 games, Caruso averaged 5.8 points, 2.8 rebounds and 2.4 assists per game. His presence on the pitch brought a different energy to the Lakers team. But Lakers fans seem to be starting to worry about the 27-year-old’s future.

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According to data, Caruso still has a US $ 2.7 million contract with the Lakers this season. Next season, he will be a “free agent” player. Reportedly, Caruso wants to get a better salary next season. He cannot continue to receive a salary in the range of two million dollars per season.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reports that the Lakers could keep Caruso. The condition is that management must spend around US $ 9.5 million per season. That’s not an expensive salary compared to Caruso’s contributions to the Lakers so far.

But the situation is different now. The Lakers have priority to keep several players, including Dennis Schroder, who has now secured the position as the team’s main point guard. So maintaining Schroder and Caruso who both want to raise salaries is very difficult for the Lakers. But on the other hand, the Lakers management still wants to have a competitive roster.

So The Lakers fans must be ready if at the end of the season, Caruso has to say goodbye. He is one of the players who contributed to bringing the Lakers to the 2019-2020 NBA championship. (Ales Caruso Has A Chance To Leave The Lakers)

Kyle Lowry Agent Denied The False News About His Client

Kyle Lowry Agent Denied The False News About His Client. Toronto Raptors star Kyle Lowry is reportedly looking to join the Philadelphia 76ers. It turns out that this news is just a figment. Lowry’s agent Mark Bartelstein tries to straighten out the news that could break his client’s focus on the game. He immediately contacted Raptors management to dismiss the slanted news.

Bartelstein made sure that Lowry didn’t leave the Raptors. Where as last week, there was news that Lowry want to join the Sixers, and the two teams were already in serious talks. This rumor was immediately dismis by Bartelstein, because it could affect the harmonious relationship between Lowry and the Raptors management.

The Truth About Kyle Lowry And The Sixer

“There was news that Lowry wanted to play in the Sixers. It was not true. When the news came out, I immediately called Masai Ujiri (president of the Raptors) and Bobby Webster (manager of the Raptors). I assured them that the news was untrue and we were not the ones at all. gave that statement, “said Bartelstein, quoted by Fox Sports.

According to Bartelstein, the difficulties experienced by the Raptors in the half of the 2020-2021 season are not the right reason to make the story that Lowry wants to move clubs. Lowry is doing his best to get the Raptors back into the Eastern Conference top flight.

Kyle Lowry and The Raptors

“They (Raptors) did have some difficulties at the start of the season. But now it’s better. Right now the focus is on helping them climb the Eastern Conference standings,” added Bartelstein.

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Lowry played 27 games this season. Several times had to be absent due to injuries, including injury to the thumb. He scored the Raptors average now in fourth place in the Eastern Conference standings with a winning percentage of 50 percent (17-17).

DeMarcus Cousins ​​and Rockets Agree to Separate

DeMarcus Cousins ​​and Rockets Agree to Separate. No wind without rain, shocking news came from the Houston Rockets. Report The Athletic, the Rockets have just found an agreement with their flashlight, DeMarcus Cousins, to make a contract termination. The Rockets don’t see the Cousins ​​as part of their team for the rest of the season. Rockets want to get off with a flashlight younger and faster, like Christian Wood.

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Cousin’s Contract Termination

Interestingly, it was report by ESPN one day earlier that the Rockets had just confirm their contract this season was guarantee. That means, even if the contract is terminate, Cousins ​​will still get the full US $ 2.3 million in contract value. In addition, after the contract termination was formalize, Cousins ​​was also entitle to join the team he want.

Cousins ​​indeed had a hard time finding his best performance again after the Achilles injury in 2018 when he was still defending the New Orleans Pelicans. Its performance with the Rockets was very unstable. In the first 11 games, he only score 6.1 points with an accuracy of 26.3 percent. He was also sent off twice from the field.

However, at the end of January, Cousins ​​seemed to find his rhythm. In the last 14 games he has play, the 30-year-old has average 12.4 points with an accuracy of 44.6 percent. In the Rockets’ last game against the Philadelphia 76ers, Cousins ​​even perform nicely with 19 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists.

Cousin’s New Team Queue List

In terms of the game, Cousins ​​is still very problematic in defense. The problem that has been present since the beginning he played in the NBA. However, lately he has also been increasingly question in his decision making. On several occasions, Cousins ​​seemed so eager to score that he ignored the team’s scheme. When he failed, without thinking he just made a foul.

However, it felt like if he managed to find a team that contained a few more veteran players than him, he could be even better. Take for example when he played for the Golden State Warriors, Cousins ​​could actually play according to the portion given. The 34 percent accuracy of three point with nearly five tries per game is arguably quite up to the standards of modern flashlights in attack.

The teams that are suitable for using the services of Cousins ​​are teams whose reserve ranks are less productive or are not in the flashlight position. The Los Angeles Lakers can count as Marc Gasol continues to decline physically and be involved in their attacks. The Portland Trail Blazers who lost Jusuf Nurkic also felt like they could take a glance at Cousins. The New York Knicks who lost Mitchell Robinson should also be on the queue list. Teams like the Toronto Raptors and Warriors who have also been struggling in the flashlight position also make perfect sense to see Cousins ​​as their option.