The Starting Line of Khabib Nurmagomedov

The starting line of Khabib Nurmagomedov – “I have a dream:“ I hit, my opponent falls, the audience explodes with screams ”. My father wanted to make a judoka out of Khabib, but did not harm his dream.

In 2011-2013, that is, before becoming famous, Khabib Nurmagomedov answered fans’ questions on the forum. Here is one of his first posts – about his sports base:

“From 12 to 15 I was engaged in freestyle wrestling at the School of Higher Sports Skill with Saidakhmed Zulkhudzhaevich, then I switched to judo, studied with the Honored Coach of Russia Jafarov Jafar for two years, and from the age of 17 to this day I am engaged in combat sambo with my father, and now I’ve been coaching a group of schoolchildren for a couple of years, and I’ve been working professionally and performing for three years already. I play for the club “Dobro” Ukraine “.

Judo is the sport in which Khabib was seen by his father, Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov. And this despite the fact that when the future UFC sports champion was 15-17 years old, Abdulmanap began to cultivate a martial art new for the republic in Dagestan – combat sambo. However, Khabib’s father took place as an athlete in judo. He began with free-style wrestling, but, having arrived to study in Poltava – at the Poltava Cooperative Institute, he began training in judo and sambo – under the guidance of coach Peter Butria.

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From an interview with Butria “SE” (October 2020):

– At our institute, we devoted a lot of time to judo, there was a serious group. Abdulmanap first tried his hand at freestyle, and then still gave preference to judo. Then judo was on the rise.

– How did Abdulmanap look then?

– Weighed 65-70 kilograms.

– Wow.

– Yes, he played in the Union Championship in the category up to 66 kg.

End of The Round in Poirier VS McGregor

End of The Round in Poirier VS McGregor – At the end of the round, I let him rise, because he reached into my glove with three fingers and grabbed the bandage. I tried to reach Herb. These are the tricks Conor does. At the same time, I do not wish him anything bad, before each fight I pray that I and my opponent will come out of the cage healthy. We will fight again – in the octagon or beyond.

Because you can’t say what he said. To use words such as “murder” … I understood that in relation to me he had zero chances of murder, but you never know, suddenly someone would have died in the MMA sports arena.

You cannot throw such words. I don’t know for sure why he says all this. Perhaps he wants to wind himself up to the desired state, perhaps he needs this in order to enter the role. Maybe he’s just a bad person. But this time all this trash he definitely did for himself, not me. I was not hurt in any way, even my wife said that I was strong as a rock.

Does Conor have to win multiple fights to get another fight with me? Bro … Conor 1-3 or 1-4 lightweight. Yes, he has to win several fights. Although if he goes out into the cage and cuts one of them properly, he will again be in the title race. After all, there is a big name behind him. “

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Poirier discussed a little about the planned title with Charles Oliveira. He did not give a specific date, but, according to Dustin, the Brazilian wants to hold this fight in December. Answering a journalist’s question about the plan for the fight, Poirier joked about the low-kicks – after the fight in January, Dustin was a little angry that McGregor’s defeats were attributed only to low-kicks in the caviar.

Journalist: “How do you see the fight against Oliveira?”

Dustin Poirier: “Yes, I’ll just go out and beat lowkiki in the calf.”

White Expressed Dissatisfaction With Conor’s Post-Match Trash

White expressed dissatisfaction with Conor’s post-match trash, which was again sent to Poirier’s wife.

Journalist: “Dana, are you disappointed in Conor that even after the fight he continued to say all these things about Dustin, his wife?”

Dana White: “I didn’t hear anything. I haven’t heard a single word. “

Journalist: “He was talking about his wife.”

Dana White: “Oh, well, that’s not good. I do not like this. You shouldn’t involve your family in these matters. “

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Speech Ending

White ended his speech with a preliminary announcement of PPV sales. According to his calculations, the tournament knocked out under 1.8 million broadcasts, that is, it became the second best-selling event in history after UFC sports 229: Khabib vs McGregor.

“I know for sure that by 20.00 today we have sold 1.2 million PPV. And this is only in the USA. At the moment, I can’t say for sure, but I guess we are somewhere between 1.7 and 1.8 million PPV. Now I can no longer speak so openly about it, because we are now a public company [entered the stock exchange]. “

“You can’t throw words like ‘murder’. We’ll fight Conor again – in the Octagon or beyond. ” that is the statement that he said.

Dustin Poirier at the post-match press conference did not turn to schadenfreude or revenge, although it is unlikely that anyone would have condemned him for such a thing. The American even wished McGregor recovery and promised a hypothetical revenge.

“He surprised me only with this jumping guillotine. I can only say – don’t be stupid enough to jump into the guillotine with me. His fracture is the result of the coasters from lowkik and karma. Once he hit well with his left, when the cross was going down a little, I was not ready for this corner of the shot.

What UFC Fighters Call Conor Mcgregor

What UFC fighters call Conor McGregor after the crash. “Clown”, “idiot”, “evil”, “bad man”.

It’s time to pay the bills

Las Vegas hosted UFC 264, in the main event of which Dustin Poirier completed the trilogy with Conor McGregor with a TKO victory.

Before the fight, many traditionally questioned Conor’s cardio, wrestling, spirit, recently they have already begun to doubt the chin, but hardly anyone expected that they would hurt Conor in a completely different place. At the very end of the 1st round, the Irishman’s left leg, powerful like a buffalo, could not withstand the pressure and broke in the ankle area (the American media report that McGregor had a tibia fracture).

However, the injury should not mislead anyone – McGregor clearly lost the fight before the injury (two judges gave 10-8 in favor of Poirier), and in the last minutes he lost crushingly – taking the most severe elbows from the opponent’s ground-and-pound, while grossly breaking the rules (grabbing at the glove) in order to somehow interfere with Poirier.

Despite the second early defeat and the end of the trilogy, UFC sports President Dana White plans to give the Irishman a new revenge, which Poirier himself does not mind. Below is the most interesting thing that was said after the battle.

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“The fight shouldn’t end like that, Conor will get revenge.”

Dana White was the first to summarize the results of the tournament. In a post-match press conference; the president of the promotion admitted that McGregor and Poirier would have a rematch after the Irishman healed his injury.

“When a fighter’s leg breaks a second time in such a short time, of course it sucks. Dustin Poirier will fight for the belt, and Conor needs to be cured, and then he will be ready again. I think he will have revenge. The fight shouldn’t end like that, it wasn’t over. Tomorrow morning he will have an operation, let’s see what happens next. Dustin will fight Oliveira and will wait to see how Conor is willingly doing.

Conor McGregor’s Father Statements

Conor McGregor’s father statements about his beloved son “It’s a mystery to me where he got such an image!”. oni McGregor truly believed that Conor would knock out Khabib in the first round.

On July 11, Conor McGregor will have a third fight with Dustin Poirier. If he wins, he will restart his career and become a contender for the UFC lightweight belt. Conor’s biggest fans are his family members: fiancée Dee Devlin, mom, sisters Aoyaf and Erin, and, of course, his father, Tony McGregor. After Conor became a star, Tony gave several interviews about his son and himself.

About working as a taxi driver

Because of the recession in Ireland, many people have suffered – and our family is no exception. I lost my job. I was a taxi driver, and I was deprived of this job, because I could not afford a decent car – there was simply not enough money. My job worked as a taxi driver for a very long time – for 25 years I drove people through the streets of Dublin! I enjoyed this job, because I talked with wonderful people – the people of Dublin, with those who came there from all over Ireland. (The Ryan Tubridy Show, October 2015)

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About current life

Now I am enjoying life. I like to sail on a sailing yacht. Just yesterday I was in Dublin Bay, where it was quite windy. Sailed from the bay towards the sea, but it was restless. I had to go back to the harbor. The weather promises to be good this week, so again I will go to rest on the yacht for an hour or two. It happens that Conor and I ride a yacht together. This has been the case several times during this season. We recently celebrated the birthday of our granddaughter. It was fun – we had a party on the yacht. How many grandchildren and granddaughters do I have? Four. (Ariel Helwani’s MMA sports Show, September 2018)

Dustin Poirier Tied for 1st Place Knockout in UFC

Dustin Poirier Tied for 1st place knockout in UFC lightweight history. Poirier knocked out his rivals in 70 kg seven times – the same as Edson Barbosa and Melvin Gillard. At the same time, Dustin also shares the first place in the number of knockouts with punches from hands:

Dustin Poirier – 5 UFC Lightweight Punch KOs
Justin Gaethje – 5;
Melvin Gillard – 5;
Drew Dober – 5.

Defeated 5 UFC Champions and was the first to knock out McGregor from the rack

Poirier beat McGregor, Alvarez, Holloway, Anthony Pettis and interim champion Gaethje. No other champion in the history of 70 kg has defeated so many other belt holders (former, future or present). It is important to note here that four of these beaten champions by Poirier were very close to their peak and did not openly move from the fair. Only Anthony Pettis at the time of the fight with Porier had already openly begun to swim somewhere far from the golden shores (he lost four of the last five fights on the way to Porier).

McGregor, in principle, was also not in a perfect cycle (downtime and all kinds of distractions), but he certainly was not old, punched or tormented by serial defeats, like Pettis. In addition, before the fight against Porier, Conor had never lost by knockout in a standing position in his career – the Louisian was the first to lay down one of the best punchers in UFC history.

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The only fighter in UFC lightweight history to land over 150 meaningful strikes in 3 fights

Poirier hit 174 significant hits with Gaethje, 178 with Holloway and 153 with Hooker. Before Dustin, no one had ever worked in this weight with such a volume of punches. Poirier’s figures show a general rise in the bar of volume in modern MMA sports – in all weights people began to beat more, and in the lightweight division, it was Dustin who first raised this bar.

Dustin Poirier Career in UFC

Dustin Poirier Career in UFC – Dustin needs four more fights in the UFC without serial defeats in order to stake out the first place in history in all directions in this indicator. It is important to note, however, that Bisping had accumulated short runs. For example, from January 2012 to November 2014, the Briton fell with a record of 3-4, although he did not lose twice in a row. Poirier has never had such failing segments – if you break his 25 fights into fragments of five fights, then the following comes out:

4-1 (from Grispy to Zombie);
4-1 (Brookins to Corassani)
Also 4-1 (from McGregor to Green);
4-1 (Johnson to Alvarez)
3-1 (from Holloway to McGregor-2).

If Dustin beats Conor again, his entire UFC sports career (not including the no contest with Alvarez) will have five straight 4-1 super-runs – unimaginable stability at this level. And here it is necessary to emphasize Poirier’s ability to revive after defeats and return to winning streaks.

The American lost five times in the promotion and never went into the “binge”. When a person, after a defeat, does not go into a losing streak, a “tilt” – this speaks of a great class, psychological resilience and strength. At one time, the 4th world chess champion, Alexander Alekhin, emphasized the ability to play strongly after a defeat, not to unstuck into a separate skill of big players.

Won 16 UFC fights before turning 30. This amazing bloom of youth

For example, the youngest champion in the history of the promotion, John Jones (won the belt at 23), won exactly the same number of victories before turning 30.

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Who has the most promotion wins before age 30 (29 and under) in UFC history:

Max Holloway – 18 UFC wins before age 30
John Jones – 16
George Saint-Pierre – 16;
Dustin Poirier – 16;
Charles Oliveira – 15
Robert Whittaker – 13.

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Dustin Poirier in Numbers

Dustin Poirier in numbers – shocking stability: raised the bar for lightweight striking volume, beat five champions. Underestimated records.

Dustin Poirier is the most stable and undisputed top veteran in UFC history.

Throughout 25 fights in the promotion, from 21 years old to 32 years old, a fighter from Louisiana maintains the dynamics of an elite fighter: he wins in series and never loses them, does not suffer several defeats at once in a short period (on average, each defeat to Poirier occurs only after 3-4 victories in a row), demonstrates in battles with the best the same high percentage of victories as with the middle peasants. We decided to illustrate Dustin’s extreme stability and his steady pace with the development of MMA in the form of a list of his five stat records.

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The only fighter in UFC history to have had 25 or more promotions and never lost two fights in a row

In the history of the UFC sports, there have been 29 fighters who have fought 25 or more fights in the organization. They all lost serially. For example, Charles Oliveira (28 fights) was twice in the UFC in a series of two defeats. Rafael dos Anjos (30) has lost four times in two fights in a row, Neil Magni – one, Matt Hughes (25) – two, Nate Diaz (26) – four times. Edson Barbosa (25) lost three fights in a row and then two in a row (like Frankie Edgar), Demian Maia lost two times in series, etc. Poirier never lost in series.

However, if we narrow this study a little and ask the question “Who in the history of the UFC has not lost the longest in streams”, then Michael Bisping is bypassing Dustin. The Briton lost for the first time for the second time in a row in the 29th fight in the UFC.

McGregor VS Poirier Third Fight Expectations

McGregor VS Poirier third fight expectations – Obviously, he has already learned to defend himself against blows in the leg. I would not be surprised if this time he himself wants to beat off my leg, so I took this moment into account and worked on the defense. I expect him to act more aggressively. If I were Conor, I would try to finish this fight as quickly as possible. Otherwise, it will get harder with each round.

I want a hard and bloody war, I want to question my will in this trilogy. All I want me to feel uncomfortable from the first second of the fight. I want to feel it, because that’s what fighting is all about. And everything else – chatter, likes and Instagram followers, funny videos – is just disgusting. This is all faked. The reality begins after the siren of the beginning of the battle. This is already 100% real.

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I’m going to hit him in the head, not in the calves. I do not exclude a victory with a painful hold. There are many ways to defeat him. Or I’ll drag him into deep waters to prove that I’m ready to shed more blood than he does. Everyone can fall from a blow, and we both have already been in this position – the more interesting our trilogy. We both knocked out each other. He excuses himself by the fact that his front leg was beaten off, that he should have boxed more and fought in a karate stance. But who cares about this? We have a great story and someone is bound to fall this time.

And his phrase that whoever goes to fight first is a bitch, speaks of his lack of confidence in his abilities. We must understand that this is mixed martial arts.
About UFC sports politics

– In the first fight, I was not really fighting against the Irishman and the Irish fans, but also with the media representatives, the very organization that, it seems to me, wanted me to lose.

The Money in McGregor VS Poirier

The Money in McGregor VS Poirier – Money or the opportunity to fight for the belt again? The most important thing in this fight is the financial component, and then the sports one. I have to feed my family. Family is everything to me. The good news for me is that the third fight with Conor can kill two birds with one stone.

Would I fight for the belt or would I choose a cash duel with Conor as a 20-year-old? I won’t lie, I don’t know. Difficult to answer.

Why did I choose to fight Conor and not fight for the vacant title? I made the decision pretty quickly. If I am the best in the world, then I need to defeat Conor again and then fight for the belt. So let’s say it’s a doubling of the rate. I am a gambling person and I believe in my fighting skills. So I doubled down.

I don’t know if you’re interested to know about the contractual nuances, but in the event of a UFC sports fight for the belt, I would not be paid a percentage of the sales of paid broadcasts. I would have been given three times the fee. Therefore, the choice fell on the third fight with Conor. I’m a money fighter. I repeat that I am a father, a husband, and I have my own life priorities.

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different Konors (before the first battle they were at enmity, before the second – they respected each other)

“I don’t care if Conor behaves like a madman.” It does not matter to me. Mentally, I became completely different. It was the same before the revenge. I am far from a child, I realize that it is impossible to control everything. Mentally, I have become much stronger. I am calm about criticism, and by the way, I am sure that this time we will see the crazy Conor. But at the same time it will be fun. How can you be crazy considering the last time you got knocked out? In Abu Dhabi, in front of the whole world, I put it on airplane mode.